Some events which had been outlined initially may not take place, or have been postponed: -
  1. The "FLYPAST" of thousands of spacecraft at relatively low altitudes for instance was principally to act as 'a shot across the bow' and force the Illuminati into surrendering by disclosing to the public the friendly existence of alien races, so that the people would finally know about the government cover-up of 'UFOs' and ETs, with whom they had dealt in secrecy for decades. Stasis has eliminated the need for that, but a flypast may still be held for the benefit of the people in various parts of the world. Who doesn't enjoy a fly-past!

    Photo by Dr Al Overholt, Tehachapi, California
    Photo by Dr Al Overholt, Tehachapi, California, early '90s

    On the other hand .... Captain Helena of the starship Capricorn said that the point of 'First Contact' (First Landing) was to be an introduction to more of the Galactic Family, who are friendly and have come to help us. She said that such a massive flyover would "scare the pants off people" and be extremely counter-productive to their short-range and long-range goals, so it may no longer be part of the plan.

    Spacecraft frequently show themselves throughout the world, sometimes completely uncloaked, sometimes as coiled or straight rainbows (appearing to specific groups or individuals) or as bright twinkling stars in the heavens, which tend to move very quickly and unexpectedly. The frequency is increasing, but with caution.

  2. There was to be the 'SECOND COMING', initially in the spirit, planned as far back as 2005, to be followed by the physical Second Coming, as prophesied two thousand years ago. This had to be postponed as the prerequisites for such a visit had not been met (Peace on Earth etc). The Illuminati had planned their own false 'Second Coming' which was known as Project Blue Beam, planned to take place as far back as 1985. The Russians however took out the satellites that were to be used for this worldwide false arrival of a Messiah. For the record see


    1. Increased monthly payments for pensions, disability, sick benefits etc so that nobody has to live at or near the poverty level; to continue until payments under (b) start;

    2. Monthly payments of $75,000 for 12 years or until $10 million is reached. By that time the importance of money will have faded into the background - we could have a true cashless society;

    3. Free health and hospital care provided by federal governments, covering all costs and all treatments - not just allopathic but naturopathic and other alternative procedures, as well as all necessary prescriptions and supplies;

    4. Sales and ALL other taxes reduced to one flat-rate tax for non-essential goods and services, otherwise eliminated altogether;

    5. Reorganisation of banks, no usury (interest) permitted, many banks will disappear but special purpose banks will be established; more about that later;

    6. With bank debt forgiveness comes also the elimination of the NATIONAL DEBT (or at least 90% of it) - a tremendous boon to most countries in the world. These countries will no longer be ruled by a foreign power, who had held their natural resources as security for these 'debts'. The bankers always tried to lend countries more money than the country could afford to repay, so that the bankers could then in due course foreclose on the natural resources of that country.

      This was confirmed to me personally by the Finance Ministry in Cyprus in the '80s, so their tactics were well-known. Unscrupulous heads of government of course readily accepted the deal - with the accompanying, customary bribe.

    7. Governments will receive adequate funding for the provision of their services, without the necessity for taxing the citizen to obtain reimbursement.

Tranquil scene in Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island; photo by Dr Milson Macleod
Tranquil scene in Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island; photo by Dr Milson Macleod

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