How long will it take for all this information to sink in?

There will be so much activity going on that it is hard to cover all the various fields but as far as the public is concerned: -
  1. US military orders to shoot down space-craft will be rescinded. Peace will have been declared and all troops ordered home;

  2. "First Contact" landings will take place about 10 days after the announcement - at 10am on a Saturday in TWO locations, Salt Lake City in Utah, then in Vancouver, British Columbia; the same shuttle will land for about 30 minutes - there is a Time Zone difference, allowing the time of arrival to be identical. This is for the benefit of the MEDIA ..... so only media and probably government officials will be invited. See the website for authoritative information - much has been published elsewhere which is inaccurate.

  3. A series of Second Landings will take place once Captain Helena and her crew of the 'Capricorn' have evaluated the reception given to the First Landing, and compliance by the media in honestly reporting the events. This time the public will be invited to enter the ships and meet the crew - all humanoid at this time.

  4. Some nine months after this there will be 'Open Contact', or Stage 3 of First Contact, when the Celestials will land en masse to help mankind in general by the introduction of new (to us) technologies. The timing of this event has also been misrepresented by many sources. Once the existence of extra-terrestrials is common knowledge, some of the non-humanoid extra-terrestrials will be gradually introduced to mankind, but this will be much later on.

  5. Although the timing of seismic events is far from clear, the real Earth Changes probably begin in earnest with earthquakes and tsunamis on the West Coast of North America. Los Angeles and most of California will be affected most - in stages.

    The Celestials will be monitoring seismic activities and will use their technology to direct the energies to places where they will gently dissipate and thereby cause the least damage.

    Low-lying coastal lands up the West Coast as far as Canada will be swamped, although the effect on Western Canada will be much less than initially expected. The whole 'rim of fire' area will be affected (Pacific Rim countries - around the Pacific Ocean). Underwater volcanic activity has heated the Pacific Ocean for years, causing tropical fish to migrate northwards to unaccustomed waters, such as North Western Canada.

    The inundation of California by the sea has been prophesied for decades, and those 'scientists' who claim that this is impossible as the sea in that area is not deep enough, overlook liquefaction - the vibrations set up by an earthquake can cause the equivalent of 'quicksand' on a truly major scale and whole buildings sink into the ground.

    Earthquakes will not be limited to North America, nor even to its West Coast - but this is our primary concern at this time. Details of expected seismic disturbances elsewhere on the planet have not yet been outlined to us.

There may well be opposition to some of these beneficial changes: even unrest instigated by groups who have not understood the real impact of these changes and have been incited by those who stand to lose their fortunes by their implementation (if they are still on the planet). As industries close down, thousands will lose their jobs - but they will receive adequate benefits until they are re-employed. New jobs will be plentiful.

There may also be opposition from radical religious groups, who are far from happy about the Truth being publicised about their particular beliefs and activities. They have lived very comfortably with these shortcomings and many have been helped to fortunes by controlling large numbers of people - and persuading them to part with their cash. So expect TV evangelists and the like to refer to these changes as the work of the devil ..... the term "New Age" has always been anathema to the Church - so use some other term if you have to refer to this new era!

Initially, for a short time, there will be two distinct societies - those who are so materialistically minded that they cannot accept the tenets of the new 'Golden Age' and those who do understand the benefits that it brings and that all mankind is truly One. This will not last long as the increased frequencies that are directed to planet Earth make it impossible for those accustomed to thinking solely of themselves, rather than for the good of all, to exist in such an enlightened atmosphere. Mass consciousness has been on the rise now for some years and can bring about massive changes.

It is fear that feeds the dark energies and they have played on this, knowing it to be their most powerful weapon, but this is now fast becoming history. The Illuminati plan for global domination has fallen like a pack of cards.

Anyone who has been negatively impacted by these changes will tend to look upon these developments as negative and an unnecessary intrusion into their world. They have to be gently persuaded of their misinterpretation. It is for the benefit of all.

Lightworkers have been warned to stay indoors for a while after the announcement as the streets might be an uncomfortable place to be for a while - until the Truth truly sinks in: the world is now a better place in which to live, and financial problems have been erased for all, but it often takes time for understanding to seep in.

After two weeks of talk on TV it should be clear to everyone - even the inveterate couch potato - that life has changed for the better.

Many will be asking about people who were previously in the limelight but are now nowhere to be found. It may take a little time to sink in, but the world's population has been reduced by about 30%. This will be particularly puzzling to some whose relatives have disappeared, but surely they will have had some inkling that they were working for the Dark side - the surprise may really be why certain people are still here. One might call this "Karma" - those who developed the "World Depopulation Plan", whereby the world population was to be reduced from 7 billion to half a billion, have found that the tables have been turned and that they are now the ones who have been eliminated .....!

This could be an opportunity for a bright entrepreneur to prepare the printing of a new directory - "Who's Still Who?" .....

Yes, there are still obstacles to be overcome: Mother Earth has become so polluted that she has to undertake renovations, and those living on her surface may have to fasten their seatbelts for a while. Cleansing is rarely a comfortable process. The Galactic Forces however have thousands of spacecraft ready to transport food and other necessities to any part of the globe as required. Earthquakes and tsunamis may be the order of the day for a while in many locations.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, Canada

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