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WAR and
Weapons of War
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The elimination of war worldwide will have far-reaching effects, and its consequences will be traumatic for many. This outbreak of PEACE will involve not only the return of forces abroad but will outlaw all private armies.

The purpose of the military will change. The munitions factories (all holdings of the Illuminati, who have always organised war throughout the planet) will close down or be converted to manufacturing products for more useful purposes. Factories which produced weapons of war or 'mass destruction' will either close down or take part in space program activities, as attention is paid more to intergalactic communications, travel and relationships.

When the Truth comes out about the origins and purposes of war, the shock may be too much for some. Imagine the consequences.

In some countries the ultimate sacrifice was to lay down one's life for "King and Country" .....

It was a proud - although sad - moment for parents when their son left for military duty in wartime ..... to defend their motherland (or Vaterland).

"The Call of Duty" ..... "Uncle Sam Needs YOU!" ..... exactly WHO was this "Uncle Sam"??? Did anyone ask? Could he have been a member of the Illuminati?

The sad truth is that no soldier ever fought for "king and country" ..... "King" (or Queen) yes, but not for his country.

Year after year one is reminded of the 'sacrifices' made by gallant men and women - "Armistice Day", "Memorial Day" or whatever else it might be called in your country, is purely part of the Illuminati's program to keep the people in fear and servitude.

How did these wars start in the first place?

If you are in business, how do you market your product?

If you are in the business of making munitions and vessels of war, how do you create a market for them? Of course, you have to start a war, then supply BOTH sides with whatever they need to win - and make sure that technology is equal on both sides, otherwise you have a short war - and limited profits.

The bloodiest of wars have always been "religious wars" - holy wars, jihad or crusade. To start a war one infiltrates the ranks of the intended victim and starts a tirade against the 'enemy', inciting the mob to action. An assassination, which is then blamed on a specific race or party, is always a good start. Despite the God of Love in all religions, when it comes to 'heathen' the rules are somehow automatically bent. In some religions a crime is not a crime if it is carried out against a person outside of your religion ....

And so it has been. In the "Vietnam War" for instance the Americans could not win because they had to report to the United Nations any attack on the enemy. The U.N. then passed this information on to the 'enemy', who could not be taken by surprise ....

The Illuminati came up with a brilliant idea for gaining a fleet of ships with the latest technology at no cost. Did Americans ever ask why they constantly had cost-overruns on military budgets? One of their prominent bankers had influence in the Ministry of Defence, and military orders were always duplicated - one for the U.S. Navy, one for the 'Rockefeller Navy' ..... and these ships were hidden in secret bases that were vast sea-caverns which had only a well-hidden narrow exit. The U.S. learned of these hideaways at the end of WWII, when they were invited to the underground caverns where Hitler kept his fleet in Scandinavia. The Rockefellers subsequently lost control to another group (the "Bolsheviks") who gained control over the Pentagon in the late '70s.

There were two other such hidden bases - Georgia Island in the Falklands, and North Island in New Zealand.

The plan was to start a nuclear war, then hide .... until both sides had more or less annihilated each other, then the 'Rockefeller Navy' would come out of hiding and hold the world to ransom, as by then they would be too weak to defend themselves. The secret code was 'Project Z' which called for Nuclear War I to start by September 1982. (See the Phoenix Journal #121 which covers this in greater detail)

And it nearly came off ..... do you remember the Falklands War? It was covered in detail in the August 1990 issue of the Phoenix Express. The Russians however got wind of it, landed on Georgia Island with the help of the Argentine Air Force, drilled through the rock down to the underground base, and a neutron bomb was dropped down which destroyed the whole base.

The rest of this 'Rockefeller Navy' was hidden in New Zealand, but when they learned of the fate of those in the Falklands, they came out of hiding and sought the open seas, protected by the latest 'stealth' cloaking technology ..... not realising that the Russians were one step ahead of them, so they were just sitting ducks for the waiting Russian submarine, which delightedly polished them off. End of story for the "Falklands War" and the "Rockefeller Navy".....

But what about the "Veterans"? How are we going to tell them that they were fooled? Were there really any war heroes? Posthumously most of the time.

"Armistice Day" these days sees TV filled with military parades - lest you forget - and films of war: "Digging Up The Trenches", "The Guns of Navarone", "Letters from Iwo Jima", "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo", "America's Veterans: A Musical Tribute", "Vimy Ridge" ...... and so on. lest you forget. In future we shall be celebrating PEACE rather than War. How many films do we have on THAT subject?

What about the current wars? For whom are they being fought? Well, it is more than clear to those with an enquiring mind, although most of the people are always taken in by the need to "defend" one's country.

It took fraud to get America into World War II. The Japanese were enticed to attack Pearl Harbour. It would give the American Government reason for entering WWII, as the people were otherwise very much against it. And they gathered in Pearl Harbour all the ships ready for the scrap heap, so they would not lose all that much (the loss of manpower of course did not count, they are always considered expendable).

There are recorded messages from the West Coast to the White House that a foreign fleet was steaming towards Hawaii, but there was no reaction from the White House - as they themselves had in fact arranged it.

The war in Iraq is for the control over oil. Note who was put in control over operations there. Not oil company executives???

The war in Afghanistan is about opium. The crime of the Taliban was that they forbade the growing of the opium poppy, which deprived the cigarette manufacturers of their addictive substance for cigarettes (not too many know that nicotine is NOT the addictive substance, it is opium, which is put in the cigarette papers!). As soon as the Americans took control, the cultivation of the opium poppy restarted. If you know history you may remember that there were two "Opium Wars" already: Opium War #1 was fought between the British East India Company and the Qing Dynasty in China from 1839 to 1842; and was followed a little later by Opium War #2.

Homecoming heroes? How do we re-utilize the miltary when they come home?

Incidentally, the military is the best example of serfdom or slavery. It is class distinction par excellence. There is of course the principal differentiation: the men, and the officers. This is the overriding class distinction. But every rank indicates a level of importance and subservience in military society. There is neither time nor room for thinking: you obey orders from anyone who ranks higher than you do. And there is more to it than that: it may sound laughable to anyone who has not served in the military, but WIVES take on the rank of their husband! Nobody for instance would dare query what the wife of a major general says or wants ...... and these ladies generally come from the elite of the private schools. A finishing school in Paris? In Britain for instance you can actually tell which school a person attended by their accent ....... St Margaret's? - of course!

Their return should coincide with the reshuffling of manpower in industry - while some industries shut down, others start up. Many will be qualified technicians or tradesmen and should have little difficulty in adjusting to civilian life. There may be some, like myself, who vow never to address anyone as "Sir" for the rest of their lives .....

Some will remain in the military but with changed responsibilities. What does one do with a trained army that cannot find a war? The coastguard services will be bolstered by an influx of 'retired' servicemen. The private security companies will welcome many more.

Then there are the sick, the maimed and the wounded - physically or emotionally. They may well comprise the most difficult to handle, and one cannot overlook the criminal element, which were often shipped off to get them away from the 'civilised' world. Peace brings with it problems, but problems are there to be resolved. Are we prepared?

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