The AFTERLIFE - continued

This transmission from the greatest European TV personality of his time, through Isanna, took place first in July 2006 (Part 1) and again in November 2008 (Part 2). This is now Part 2, more than two years later .....

(1934 - 7th July 2006)

Rudi Carrell, 1934-2006, Schlager nach laufenden Band - One Hit After Another
Rudi Carrell in 1986

Interview posthumously with Rudi Carrell
through Isanna, PART TWO - November 2008

Translated from German by Milson

The Show goes on:

Hello, here is your Rudi again - Carrell. Hurray! I am still alive! And now I will give you a little lecture on what goes on "On the Other Side"!

- Hello, Rudi, I am very happy to hear from you again.

I am not going to provide you with anecdotes or dirty jokes about my past life on Earth as Rudi Carrell, there was enough written about that during my lifetime, and just about every detail of my life and work has been made known. I must only add that I enjoyed life to its fullest and have really no unworthy deeds to regret. A couple of things maybe - but on the whole I always tried to be honest and have given everything that I could give, and have enjoyed what I could.

And that was especially the love and admiration of my TV audience, and of course, also from my family. It is both a joy and relief to talk with you about Life on the Other Side, which is not really distant from you, and in the heavens above, but rather quite close to you, in what might be called a sphere or dimension which is invisible to you. I will tell you how death is not at all terrible and certainly does not mean an absolute end to personal existence. I would like all that are afraid of dying to take hope from my words. Death is just the ending of the physical existence of the body but the real self - the soul - lives on. When I was alive I never gave much thought to dying - I was enjoying life too much - and indeed never gave a second thought to believing in the hereafter. I would of course have liked to live on but the rational mind did not of course allow or even wish such thoughts or consideration.

It was only a few weeks before my death and during my sleep that I dreamed of "home", of that which one terms the Other Side, Heaven or the Happy Hunting Grounds. I met my grandparents, my parents and a few other friends and relatives who had passed on and they took me on fascinating journeys. In the dream they showed me how beautiful it is there and how well life treated them there. At first I dismissed it as pure fancy but then I saw a great, wonderful bright Light and I KNEW, indeed recognized, that it was indeed THAT Home, the Light of God, our Creator.

Over the last four weeks this Light was constantly by me, and I realized that I was going to go fairly soon, and that I had to follow this Light. I had no fear whatsoever, and the more I thought about this Light, the stronger it became. It shone a great unbounded love and warmth, and finally the day came when for the first time I became excited - like a small child - at the idea of being allowed to go back there.

- I have seen something like this on a TV show, where people related out-of-body experiences during an operation.

Yes, you can believe these out-of-body reports. I am no expert on the study of the hereafter, as this is not necessary, one slowly remembers one's other life on the other side.

In one's life upon Earth one must regretfully forget life in one's beautiful Home.

- Why is that?

Well, many would otherwise wish to return immediately, when earthly life poses problems that one had not anticipated. In other words, some would be troubled by homesickness and could no longer really enjoy life upon Earth.

- Why do souls need to come at all to live on Earth when life beyond is so wonderful?

Well, that's difficult to believe …. as we in Heaven become bored in the long run.

- How is that?

Without a physical body one can do so much more - fly through the universe, we have no cares nor problems, no need to eat, no need for money etc.

Now compare it to earthly things. Very few people live their whole life in one spot, together with one or the same partner, or work day in day out at the same job. If you as a soul exist forever without a body you can go everywhere. Well, that's great, but eventually you have been everywhere. Then you look for other possibilities. So there is the possibility of a physical body on a material planet. And what's more, there is the possibility of dual existence, such as on good old Earth. Here life offers much variety in movement, action, adventures and above all emotions.

Souls use planet Earth as a place for experience or adventure playground, so to speak, where they can live out everything that is not possible in Heaven.

- And what is not possible in Heaven?

To experience with a firm, physical body to experience matter and to research, to live, to breathe, to laugh, to eat, to love, yes and even to weep and suffer. This variety of emotions one can only experience in physical form - not in a state of only energy. There is always Harmony, Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Pancakes with egg .... for eternity, it is really dull. [Milson - Pancakes are very popular in much of Europe and those made with egg are especially scrumptious .....]

- That's interesting. I though it would be the other way round. How is the death process and what does one experience?

There is the tale of the evil Grim Reaper and that one can land in purgatory or even Hell if one does not behave well. But ..... that's not true. I was always well-behaved and committed only minor sins, so I arrived straight into Heaven. Well, that's my little joke! No, it is not all that simple. There is the saying "One gets what one believes" and that one should write in bold letters in a prominent place such as on the mirror in the bathroom. Belief is an important deciding factor, especially upon death.

This has nothing to do with a given religion, although they are the source of many senseless religious beliefs. I beg your pardon, ardent churchgoers, I do not wish to annoy you far less put down church dogmas, I tell you only the Truth. I have experienced in my body, or soul to be more exact, that - when one ends life peacefully with death, one has nothing to regret. and one accepts the parting from one's loved ones, and above all, when one does not believe in the existence of the devil, of purgatory or Hell, like me - that one is not confronted by these upon death. When a strong Believer calls for Jesus upon dying, Jesus or Mother Mary comes to him, but if he has fear and believes that because of his misdeeds that he must burn in Hell, then he finds himself in a Hell-like environment after leaving his body.

You create with your thoughts and beliefs, especially Fear, such a reality on the Other Side, but also often even in your earthly plane while still alive.

- So not all deceased find themselves automatically in the wonderful, peaceful Heaven (or heavenly afterlife), where they have to knock at the gate and Peter opens it?

No, I'm afraid not, that's just a fairy-tale.

Many of the deceased are so narrow-minded that they do not accept the fact that they have died and they go back immediately to their home to continue the life where they left off. Even victims of an accident, whose life is abruptly ended, often do this. And then they panic when they realize that their loved ones cannot see or hear them any more and then they turn to haunting the place in order to get their attention.

- Oh yes, I too have experienced that and it took quite a while until I realized that it was my deceased mother. And in my practice I have also found that deceased often cling to those still alive. Is that more likely an exception?

No, in fact it occurs on a regular basis that many - I will call them ghosts - cling to their relatives, trying to continue their participation in earthly life. This is called demonic possession. It is an extremely old problem that priests and shamans have occupied themselves with for thousands of years. It is a situation that is not pleasant for the deceased spirit and even more so for the person possessed, whose personality often changes for the worse and he does not even understand himself any more.

To take one example. A deceased person who was an alcoholic encourages the person possessed likewise to drink alcohol to excess, so that he himself can continue to enjoy the drunken stupor through the person he has possessed. There are plenty of books written about this so I will not elaborate further on this. Perhaps just to remark that the imposing spirit or demon possessing him can be removed by a good and experienced therapist, but such people are unfortunately very rare in comparison with the number of incidents of possession.

- So why does this happen at all?

Sadly it is a result of widespread atheism over the last few decades, and in the past few hundred years it has been the result of fear caused through church dogmas.

So whoever believes that there is neither God nor an afterlife, and clings fearfully to his old life, will not find his way there. One who believes that his many wrongdoings will land him in Hell, will experience that. One who believes in Angels and God will be picked up by the Angels, and people like myself who had no specific belief, but can calmly await an end to his life, will be picked up by deceased friends and relatives from the other side who will accompany him on his way.

- Where to exactly?

I can only strongly recommend seeing the film "Beyond the Horizon" with Robin Williams in the leading role. It presents very real and comprehensive experiences of deceased beyond the veil and how their reality in the afterlife is created by their own thoughts and beliefs. It is a fact that those who believe in a devil and continue in fear and anger build a type of holographic prison of their own making.

The same applies to those who are addicted and who cannot give up the addiction. They can imbibe for all eternity and be happy doing so. Yet if they do not wish to continue, they can ask for help, as God acknowledges their freewill and does not interfere without permission.

- And how does God rid them of their misery?

He sends them deceased friends and family, and if that does not work, then Angels of Light and Love. They will all persuade these souls and bring them to other more beautidul spheres, where they can recover and be further educated.

- You really mean that there are schools and hospitals there?

Of course. Many souls who arrive here are sick. Physically afflicted by addictions and drugs, or they have arrived in a state of depression, with old dreams or fears etc. If they wish they can go into recovery or spa clinics, rest, catch up on sleep and have their souls refreshed by Light therapy.

They can discuss their past lives with other souls, watch a video of their past life and analyse the mistakes they made. In many cases they are keen to return to Earth, to be reborn in other words, so as to make good for their mistakes and ill-deeds. In order to cancel out what evil they have done to others, they allow the same to be meted out to them, or do something quite outstanding. That's called counteracting Karma.

- But if it is only a play, why all this bother?

That applies to the current rules of the game on planet Earth. The players need rules to ensure that the game can be played fairly, like football. And for further development one can attend schools here. It is similar to conditions on Earth, the younger souls have more to learn than the older and more experienced.

- It just occurred to me, you were a chain smoker and died of lung cancer. Do you still feel this problem and were you brought immediately to a heavenly convalescent clinic?

No, not till later, as I first had to return to Earth, because I could not rid myself of the unnecessary sorrow among all the people who loved me and held me in high esteem. I was as it were pulled back below by the energies of the dear people I left behind.

That is also a sad tale. The deceased feels free and unfettered, is immensely happy as the Light comes ever nearer ..... and then he cannot go further because those he left behind now attract him back by the intensity of their thoughts and feelings.


At that time I roamed the Earth as a spirit and tried to attract the attention of my loved ones. I wanted to show them that I am still alive, but they did not understand my gestures.

- What was that, you haunted them? and in what way did you do that?

There are many ways in which one appears as a ghost. One can swirl about their ears, tickle their nose, pull their hair, blow papers off their desk, tease their pets, speak to them in their sleep, call out to them, make bulbs and other lights flicker, disturb the TV or computer, and one could even destroy them with a little too much ghostly energy, but I never did that. But the really evil ghost action of throwing things around was too exhausting for me, as the ghost uses up a lot of energy doing that. I did not want to frighten anyone, just draw their attention to me. But they did not want to believe although there was some indication that the spirit of Rudi was about. Unfortunately one cannot speak directly to those who live, except by telepathy, such as I am doing with you just now.

- Yes, and you appeared briefly before me a moment ago. You were wearing a light-blue suit. Why did you not do that for the others?

That works only with people like you who can work as a medium. You can see and hear spirits and angels. And as you were so critical I used all my available 'spiritual abilities' in order to materialize before you, so that you could recognise me. That took a great deal of energy and exhausted me. Now how shall I put this. I virtually had to densify the light atoms of my energy body, which surround my soul, so that you could see me. And in doing so I had to steal just a little bit of energy from you too, which of course you did not notice. It would have been easier to send you a photo by the thought process, but you took me at first for a ghost that was pulling your leg and closed down your thought processes.

- As a medium one must be careful, and I thought it a little unusual as up till then I had had contact with angels and ascended masters. With deceased I have also had contact, but I had not bargained with the famous Rudi Carrell making an appearance. And above all, so soon after his departure from this life, and then in the middle of the day.

Most souls do this at night, when the environment is a lot quieter. It is also easier for me to receive messages, as many of the electrical sources are turned off. And I have just shown you that it is also possible in the daytime. And our interview ran very smoothly - as it does now.

- Can you describe exactly the process of dying?

Do you remember Falco's Hit (was it in 1998?): "Out of the dark ..... into the Light ....." "I can see how the Light approaches, step by step ..... must I then die in order to live?"

That's how the text runs, if I remember this sensational text correctly. He had precognition of his death, and this song describes exactly every stage in the process, this "Seeing the Light and going to the Light" home to be in the vicinity of God, home to the other loved and deceased, in other words Home to the heavenly family.

I had no more pain, became quite peaceful and then at one point fell fast asleep. There was a sudden tug and I (the soul) swept out of the body through the head. I felt very strange and then from above I caught sight of my physical body, pale and wrinkled, lying on the bed, and I wondered. I thought, "Man, Rudi, are you drunk? But you didn't drink anything. No, then I must be having a nightmare." Until I realized that this funny situation was absolutely real and that I could suddenly do sensational things. I could drift about, through walls and ceiling, could see all the rooms at the same time. At last I was rid of this sxxx-body!

- Rudi, you still use such earthly swear words!

Why not? I am still myself, the same old axx-hole. I have not suddenly mutated into an elegant angel with golden wings and halo. It is ridiculous to believe that here one is a half-naked, chubby-cheeked little angel, playing the harp, sitting on a pink cloud and singing "Hallelulyah" all day.

One used to tell this to little children or the pious shepherds their flock of believers. No, no, that is fortunately not so. Do you recollect the cartoon where the angel Aloysius sits on a cloud, plucks sullenly at his harp and sings "Luja, I say, luja, luujaaah ....." I thought it great, first class.

- Yes, I know that one.

The Angel was then sent as messenger down to Earth with a letter from God to the Bavarian Government. Of course he could not pass up enjoying a few tankards of beer first (I think it was in the Hofbrauhaus) …. and the government never received the letter with God's advice. He sits there to this day, enjoying one tankard after another .....

- You mean to say there really is an Angel Aloysius?

Indeed, and not just him. No wonder that many governments today still await divine intuition, and probably will for ever. (Rudi laughs mischievously) Oh I could relate to you a few great stories of politicians who fiddled with what or whom and where.

- No thanks, no politics please. Tell me rather more about how you were released from your sxx-dead body.

It was really great. The joy was indescribable, as my wife Anke and my mother came by. They told me I was now dead and accompanied me with that Light to a bridge decorated with flowers. After I had crossed it I met some more old acquaintances. We all rejoiced, hugged and danced. Danced? - it would be better expressed as swirling and spinning. One is suddenly able to fly like a bird, run and jump like a young deer. One can do everything that on Earth was impossible, or no longer possible, with an old, fragile body. We found ourselves in a wonderfully beautiful summer meadow with many picturesque flowers, butterflies and the soft sounds of violins, harps and bells. In short - it was like paradise. No, it WAS the paradise that we all yearned for during our lifetime.

My beloved mother gave me some indications a few weeks before she passed on some years ago as to how wonderful it was back in our real home, but at that time I did not believe in the hereafter, believing it was all a dream. It was only the last time I lay in hospital that I recollected her words, and I rejoiced and felt that, deep in my heart, I knew I was going to see her again soon. That explained my wit even as I lay on the hospital bed. It was no professional put-on show but rather my rejoicing at a new life, at a new life in heaven after death on Earth.

- How nice. I wish everyone had the same attitude as you had. And of course such a pleasant experience of the transition.

I can only recommend to everyone to understand that the soul is eternal. I - the old man Carrell - was privileged to experience this and report it here with great joy. The show goes on, on a different, larger and more beautiful stage, with fabulous backdrops and giant floodlights of white light, and with a great team, a heavenly family, who play together in Love and Joy, observing and supporting the players on Earth.

Yes, I have decided to support you by sharing my views and experiences from the so-called Afterlife. I would like to explain death and especially remove any fear of it that you may have. This is now my greatest 'heartfelt wish from heaven', my new mission as teacher for the players in the Earthly Show-business. For one's whole life is in reality a show that only a soul with a physical body can play on the material Planet Earth. The show must go on, yeah-yeah. Rudi sings the title from the well-known hit by the group "Queen". I make my claim boldly, piously, happily and freely. GOD is the greatest Showmaster in the whole universe.

- But, Rudi, isn't that a touch of blasphemy. Why?

That's the way it is. He holds all the strings in his hand, because we are all a part of Him, children, actors, extras and with His will play out our play or show on a stage made out of matter.

We live/play for his and our entertainment. We play everything that is possible, from farce to oldies, from comedy to the greatest drama, films of romance, adventure, thriller, mystery and operetta, it includes everything. Take a close look at life on earth! There are endless choices for role playing, such as heroes, politician, artist, sportsman, government official, worker, cleaning ladies, housewife, mother, father. lover, prostitute, nun, beggar, millionaire, king or pope. And they all have such different individualistic qualities such as loving, pious, well-behaved, tender, nice, industrious, clever, pretty, brave, bold and of course all the opposite qualities. To each dear angel belongs also a wicked rascal, or rather devil.

You live on a planet that has duality. Has it ever occurred to you that everything that exists always has its opposite, or polarized version? Bright-Dark, Good-Bad, Loving-Angry, Peace-War, Hard-Soft, Black-White, Above-Below, Light-Darkness? Everyone plays a definite role, for a definite purpose, which he often does not recognise until after death. The beggar and the millionaire just as much as the mighty king, pope and churchman. Everyone - however small and insignificant he believes his role to be - is entitled to play out on this stage called Earth one or numerous roles in countless lifetimes, and each one has an effect upon all others.

With every breath, with every movement, with every thought you affect the whole scenario and create an individual as well as collective history of youself. Everyone takes part in writing the script of life upon Earth and everyone takes part in God's great show. Isn't that marvelous! I did not know that I could speak in such lofty language!

- So, as one says, the stroke of a single butterfly's wing can cause a storm at the other end of the Earth?

We can put it that way. Every fart causes movement in the atmosphere because it displaces other air. Living and creating are caused by the movement of energy and matter.

- Phew, and I, dumb sheep, have driven myself crazy over minor matters by taking my role much too seriously and conscientiously.

I came to this conclusion too. I was often too persistent, was a perfectionist, too ambitious, too stern with myself and my colleagues. I should have taken things much more easily and taken more time for myself and my family to enjoy life. God doesn't insist on us working ourselves to death.

- Oh well, now you have time enough to relax and enjoy, don't you?

Yes, that one has indeed. Time does not exist here, there are no clocks nor calendar. One can really rest and recover here on Cloud Nine, but then - as I mentioned earlier, at some time or another it becomes boring.

Then one has the desire to go back down to Earth to see what those left behind are up to, one would really like to take part and one could tear one's hair out when one sees how they play their old games, when their life could be so much better. Well, that reference to pulling one's hair out was just symbolic, it is no longer possible, unfortunately - or happily!

- Tell us please how it feels to not have a physical body and what one can still feel over there, and why, when I see those who have passed over, they seem so much younger than they were at the time of death?

At first it is very funny, when one no longer has a solid body, as now we have a Light body. It is nice that one no longer feels the cold, nor sweats, one is not hungry or thirsty, no pains nor ills. One can hop about, dance, shout, sing or fly about as much as one pleases, without becoming exhausted or a ghost suffering a heart attack. One is always one could say fit, joyous with endless freedoms. Joy and Love are the norm here. And that's more or less it.

- That doesn't sound too exciting. Here we all yearn to have Freedom, Joy and Love, yet for you it does not seem to be enough?

That's the way it is. Even if I am repeating myself, even Beauty can be boring in the long run. We have indeed the opportunity to play God at any time (hmmm…we are still playing that here too). We think of something we wish for and Eureka it is there. Just as one dreamed to do as a child, a heavenly Harry Potter.

I once visited my deceased father on an astral journey beyond the veil. He was in his lifetime an engine driver and his dream was always to take over a little signal house eventually (a little house which a level-crossing attendant used to live in and whose only duty was to close or open the crossing gates punctually for trains, by hand). He could never realize his dream on Earth. So I met my father at such a little house. It had a small garden and many colourful flowers in bloom, and naturally also a railway-crossing, and he was just trimming the hedge with his shears. He looked in his mid-30s (he was 80 when he died) and he looked very happy and contented. I couldn't understand therefore why a few years later he took on the difficult job of being Guardian Angel to his grandchild.

That is the best example. First he was able to achieve his dreams in the afterlife and as it became too boring he felt the urge to return to his previous family in order to help them there.

So regard these Guardian Angels with much respect: you who are still Earthlings cannot imagine what they are capable of. That is truly the most difficult job in Heaven. But it is recognized indirectly: when someone is lucky in an accident, you say he must have had a good Guardian Angel. People, thank your Guardian Angel, he really does exist and has the most thankless task.

- But woe to him if something goes wrong, he was probably taking a nap?

Hm, that depends upon the circumstances. Many people in dangerous professions have several, and when an accident occurs, it could have been so planned as a tragic end to this earthly life.

- How can one plan such a thing?

It is so, although I know it is difficult to comprehend. Every soul must leave at some time, as the human body unfortunately does not last forever, and there are many alternatives to choose from when one leaves. Illness, accident, heart failure, run over by a truck, suicide or to be murdered by another person.

- I simply cannot believe that. How can one think up such a thing? And what about war casualties and criminals?

Wow! Now we come to a subject that is so difficult to answer. Some readers will likely toss this into the wastepaper basket at this point and say we are crazy. Hm … well, all that which is termed terrible and horrifying is part and parcel of the drama of life on Earth. Many souls like a tragic ending and have made an agreement prior to this incarnation (rebirth) with those souls who are to take part, or who have jointly written their play of life.

- Can one say then that all wars and all victims as well as perpetrators have already planned their play of life on Earth?

Yes, indeed. And those who are victims this time around were the perpetrators in a previous lifetime, and vice-versa.

There is the old Bible saying "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth". But it should not be understood that way, that we are all at loggerheads with each other for eternity. It is the compensatory Karma that is meant. "Whatever you would not want someone to do to you, do not do to another," runs the proverb, I believe by old Wilhelm Busch. That says it all. No-one is compelled to play an evil role, or always to gain revenge.

But for thousands of years now all should have at one time played the role of rascal, and the heavenly laws of the game, Karma, demand compensation. There are a few here on the other side who would not dare reincarnate on Earth. They are scared of it. But they are looked after lovingly by other souls who convince them to plan a much better life on Earth next time.

Karma is a just thing, a law of God in other words. And when someone has completely cleared his Karma, he is no longer keen to have it round his neck again. See, I have really studied this subject, or recollected it. The first time we spoke I had no inclination to bring it up. Sometimes I wondered why babies have to die so soon after birth. These are souls that want to release the rest of their Karma as quickly as possible by reincarnating, then lose the desire to continue life on Earth. But it is also possible that their short life span is a signal to their parents to consider the subject of death and dying.

- When sometime in the future all souls have cleared all their Karma, what then? Then there should be no further murders and victims, and indeed as a consequence no more new wars?

Yes, that would appear possible. But there is a continuous flow of young and new souls from other universes who would like for the first time to play out all these roles. Planet Earth is an optimal, universal 'Playground-for-souls', or better expressed, a Show-stage for duality.

She is much thought of and loved. Souls so to speak queue up in Heaven to get their prized ticket for the journey to receive an earthly body.

- Who then sells such 'heavenly tickets'?

Archangels on behalf of God Almighty.

- On the subject of tickets, I just remembered what I wanted to ask. I, that is to say my astral body, was on a jouney on the Other Side with my Guardian Angel. (*Out-of-body journeys are termed Astral Journeys. While the physical body sleeps, the soul consciousness travels in the astral body to other worlds. One can learn to do this, but it is not recommended to do so alone as one can get lost in the lower Astral planes, where negative energies, lost souls or demons live) We came to a kind of railway station, with two large, adjacent entrances. Through one there was an endless stream of beings clothed in white entering, and from the other opening a similar stream exiting.

On the exiting side stood my long deceased grandmother. I recognized her immediately and put my arms joyously around her neck. I would not have recognised her on Earth they way she looked now. Mid-30s, slim and dark hair. I only knew my grandma on this Earth as stout and with grey hair (she was almost 60 when I was born). I never saw a photo of her in her younger days as they were all lost in the war. She said to me: "Well, little one, what are you doing here already? " By saying 'already' it indicated that she knew for a fact that I was not yet dead. How could she know that, and why does one look so young on the Other Side?

Quite simple. Your grandma had seen that it was only your astral body and not the whole soul, and she recognized you instinctively by your soul's vibration. Every soul has its unique vibration of sound and colour, which is always one of a kind.

And, can you imagine this, we old ghosts are proud, we can conjure up an energy body for ourselves. Most keep their previous appearance, naturally preferably as a young and beautiful person, not old and weak as at the time of death.

- You too, of course, for I see you as you were in the '70s, with somewhat long, wavy hair with light grey streaks.

Of course, most women found me sexy that way. As a youngster I was very thin and not very handsome, but later on ..... Hmmm ..... you can read all about that in great detail in my Biography.

- So, is the female world in heaven just as crazy as the sexy Ex-Showmaster?

And how! I can hardly protect myself. If I wanted to ..... well, no, no, right now I am enjoying to the fullest my new life with Anke.

And for that I thank God with my heart and soul.

- What does God really look like?

Not how you might imagine Him. He is neither the old man with the long white beard on a golden throne in Heaven, nor does he have a physical expression. He is … how can I best express that ..... he is neither HE nor SHE, God is ALL THAT EXISTS. He is that endlessly expansive consciousness and energy of Love, that fills the entire universe and keeps it together. And each one of us, every soul, originates from this eternal loving, almighty, consciousness, which defies description.

And souls continue to be born of God and many also return to source when, after times without number, their games on all the various possible planets in our universe have come to an end. God is also the Light which one sees when one paases on. He is in everything that exists, in the stones, in the plants, in humans and animals.

- You mean even stones have life?

Yes, of course. Every piece of material, regardless of how lifeless it appears to be, has life within it. It exists not just of atoms but moving photons (light energy), from the energy of God.

Even in space, between the planets, where one would think is nothing but emptiness and dark, there exists something - the energy of God. God is everywhere: even the tiniest nano-particles are part of Him. They are the building blocks of life and matter. One could think of matter as slow moving or compressed Light. Souls are the exact opposite.

- So one could say that everything that exists here on Earth, and in the entire universe, is comprised of GOD?

Yes, that's the way it is. And every human is God - think about that when you have a quiet moment. You are not small, helpless human beings! I repeat, You are born of God! WE ALL ARE GOD AND GOD IS ALL THAT EXISTS, EVERYWHERE AND FOR EVER. Phew! I am impressed myself by my expression. I cannot better that statement and must therefore bring to a close our discussion today.

The Show must go on and it is certain that we shall all meet each other again, somehow, somewhere, sometime .....

Rudi in Heaven

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