This is due more to the impact of "STASIS" than the impact of NESARA - according to Aton, about 30% of the population will be removed or will die off during the period of "stasis". This information comes too late for them, of course, but undoubtedly they will leave a number of grieving relatives behind. This article is therefore very timely in that it can help provide solace to the bereaved once this event takes place.

This transmission from the greatest European TV personality of his time, through Isanna, took place first in July 2006 (Part 1) and again in November 2008 (Part 2), so for the continuation see bottom of page.

(1934 - 7th July 2006)

Rudi Carrell, 1934-2006, from
Rudi Carrell in 1986

"I believe in Life Eternal, Amen"
Interview posthumously with Rudi Carrell
through Isanna, July 2006

Translated from German by Milson

I (Isanna) had this channeling with Rudi Carrell back in mid-July 2006, and he suggested that it be sent to the BILD-Zeitung or some other magazine for publication. I did do that and also sent it to the largest known publishers in Germany, but Rudi obviously overestimated their tolerance for such a topic. We also translated it into a form more understandable by those who are not spiritually-minded, but as we were not successful, we request (ie, Rudi Carrell and I) help from all our readers here in case there may be still a possibility for publication in a journal or homepage (whether spiritual or not), so that his message and greetings can finally be distributed.

I hereby authorize the free publication and dissemination of this interview: "conversation with the deceased master Rudi Carrell Show"

I am a medium and have the ability to converse with the deceased, Angels etc, in other words those who might be termed spirits or Lighted Brings.

As I felt that someone was contacting me I rushed to my PC in order to write everything down quickly. I heard his unmistakable voice, with his charming Dutch accent. And as I was checking out further whether it was the real Rudi Carrell, he suddenly stood lifesize beside me (somewhat transparent, but the Rudi Carrell of old with longish, wavy hair - as he was 25 years ago), and with a friendly laugh said:
"Now take it easy, I have so-oo much time, such endless time, that it is just great to have no deadlines, no stress, no body prone to illness and pain. Simply marvelous to be so free, so light and able to overview everything. I see and know now what I could previously only suppose: that there must be more than just one life, otherwise why would this immense, endless cosmos have been created, certainly not for empty, uninhabited stone age planets."

- Tell me please what the sequence is in the dying process, what one calls death, is there a Grim Reaper?

I haven't seen any Grim Reaper and there is no sensation of pain. One recognizes when the time comes, one feels it in one's bones and then one becomes quite calm and contented, knowing that this is not really the end, rather that at last one can go Home.

- Home?

Yes, that is how it feels, now we are setting off for home and one looks forward to it immensely. I thought at first, My God, what will happen to me, the body doesn't function any more, as I noticed, but the spirit as well as the mind is still active. Incidentally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the doctors and nurses, who looked after and watched over me so well. And then I could see strange things, like it was a film, a glimpse of another world. And that was so beautiful, I no longer had any fear of death. How exactly was the actual process of dying?

I felt into a deep sleep and it was dark and quite gloomy all around me. Then I suddenly saw a light and I slowly drifted up out of my body. I glanced back once again at my body, which was lying peacefully on the bed, and said: "All the best, Rudi, you have served me well, now you lie there all shriveled up and grey-haired, and everyone will be shedding crocodile tears for you. But you need not do that, dear fans, friends and my beloved family, you must not cry for me, as I am still here. Now without this body, but it is still I. Hello, believe me, I am back again".

- And where were you after dying?

Oh yes, I drifted up further. Then suddenly Beings of Light approached me and I recognized my dear wife, Anke, and my mother. They looked young and almost transparent. They put their arms around me and flew or drifted along with me through a long tunnel, at the end of which was very bright light. I was so full of joy to see both of them again and finally, as we reached this piercing, bright light (100 stagelights couldn't compare to it) I felt Love, such an endless Love, and Peace and Joy. I knew I was finally Home.

- What does it look like up there?

Beautiful, just beautiful, a meadow of brightly coloured flowers, birds and butterflies, pink clouds, and music in the air - a delicate, delightful sound of harps and violins. So really heavenly, just as one on Earth imagines paradise.

- And what does one do all day?

There is neither day nor night nor time itself any more, even space has no boundaries, or at least I have yet to come across anything like a boundary. When I arrived, other Beings or Angels, dressed in long white clothes and with long, blonde hair showed me a film of my life. You see really everything that you have done in life, even your very thoughts. And they then show you this film from the point of view of the other players, and that is not so pleasant.

I realised just how many people I had hurt by thoughtless words and reckless actions, yes, that was not nice. I certainly never wanted to hurt anyone, yet I did. I would now like to ask forgiveness from everyone whom I have hurt at any time in my earthly lifetime as Rudi Carrell. I was never aware of what I was doing, it was of course the Ego of Rudi. I was terribly egoistic, that I admit. I enjoyed life and often took no thought of others, especially of women.

But, all dear ladies with whom I have had a relationship (and there were quite a few) believe me, I really did love you, one perhaps more than the next one, but I loved the godly femininity in and about you. Dear God created something quite special when he made you, and men know that, and that is why they are so crazy about you.

- Did you also meet up with God there?

No, that is not necessary, because I now know that this Being that one calls God exists in every soul, that we all, whether human or animal, come from this incomprehensible ALL THAT IS. Yes, it is difficult to describe and you are not accustomed to a philosophical Rudi.

- You mentioned already that you had met up with other "players". Is life then just a play?

Oh yes, that it is and what a great, heavenly play. But those on Earth who forget about that - and there seem to be many - create a Hell of a play for themselves.

- What do you mean by that?

Oh there are too many that just drive themselves crazy every day, who are a slave to money, try to do everything, never take a moment's rest and are determined to please everybody. Yes, I was that stupid at times, but fortunately not all the time, as inbetween times I did take time to enjoy life. There was a time in my youth, when I was climbing the show business ladder, that I was such a workaholic. I needed this and wanted that, but I overlooked the fact that I was neglecting my wife and children. That pains me endlessly, my dears. Forgive me, I was no great father. I wished I had done better. That is why I take this opportunity through this medium in order to tell everyone, don't be as dumb as I was, stop stressing yourself out, life is much too short for that.

- But you made millions happy with your TV shows and sketches, brought them joy and laughter, diverted their attention from everyday worries. That must be the best occupation in the world, don't you think?

Yes, you're right and this job gave me endless pleasure, despite its many drawbacks. But one cannot be perfect. "Pleasing everyone is an impossible task for anyone."

- What really saddened me was that you could no longer see the Soccer World Championship final.

Oh yes I could, I arrived here and met with my old colleagues and friends who had died in the meantime and they then took me to watch the final.

- Where? On a heavenly TV?

No, right in Berlin, in the stadium. We had the best seats and they were free too. A view from the perspective of the birds, sometimes on the playing field, sometimes right in the action. It was a great game, but we ourselves could not score goals in the circumstances.

- If you had been able, for whom would you have scored a goal?

Oh no, not for any one. I found that both teams played well and it would not have been fair if I in my present circumstance, I mean without a physical body, would interfere in the earthly game, even if it were possible.

- Why? Because of Karma?

Now you are asking me something. What is Karma? I have no idea about these things. I will look into it soon.

- How do you do that?

One can look into the whole of one's past life and also into the annals of the history of mankind, but I have had no time so far to do that as I first had to comfort some of the people who still cried over me so much. But one should not do that, I am still there. Hurrah! I am still alive and will never die. At any rate, dying is just a transition to another condition without a physical body, but my spirit and my soul are still there.

- And what now? Do you have some plans?

For God's sake forget about plans. Nobody does that here, at least not in the detailed way as down below. All my life I have had to plan; now I don't want to know anything about it.

- Sorry if I am asking stupid questions, but what do you do all day now?

Enjoy life without a cumbersome physical body, fly around, see what's happening on Earth and when I am tired of that I go off into the universe. It is so vast, I can spend quite some time that way.

- How long is 'quite some time' in Heaven?

Endlessly long, as long as you feel inclined. There are no clocks here fortunately, you just exist and live, can do what you want, with whomever you want. And some build their own homes here and try to live out here what they were unable to do on Earth. Yes, you could say we live under the motto "Surprise Me!"

- Yes, that was also my motto today, as you really surprised me with your visit. Why did you pick me? There are countless other people with the ability to be a medium.

You were recommended to me, as you do know me and was one of my great fans, and you weren't so fanatic that you would become faint in pure delight that the old Carrell had chosen you for his messages from Heaven

- Yes, the old Carrell will be missing his millions of TV-viewers.

Now listen, no one is irreplaceable and the new comedians are quite different to me, but not worse. Humour has changed over the decades, 30 years ago the audience would die laughing at my 'water gags', but not any more.

- But you have made yourself a permanent monument on the TV scene. There will never again be the likes of you as a TV-Host. And I hope the TV channels will do a repeat of all your shows sometime soon. I have seen very many of them and I think the younger generation, who do not know of you or have forgotten, would enjoy them, I'm sure of that. Humour is always welcome, it is the salt in the soup of life. And love is the sugar and sex the spice ..?

(Rudi laughs happily) Yes, one could say that. And therefore I give you all a piece of heavenly "Rudi-Advice". Spice well your soup of life, enjoy it, and take care that you do not hurt others. I now know that we plan our own lives and one is the creator of that life.

- Just a game? That is understandably difficult for some.

Of course, I only now really understand it. I planned this life before I was born again on Earth, in outline of course. I really wanted to become a wellknown entertainer.

- And bring happiness to many in the process, you made a wonderful job of that. But did you really want it to be exactly as you lived it?

No, there were a few things that were not planned, and that was just as well, as without them where would the surprises be? One always has the option to undertake something, or not, and most of the time I went for it, and tried my best, regardless of how difficult the situation was.

- Do you regret anything?

Yes, I said that already at the beginning. But luckily everything is so arranged that one is never permanently unhappy. I observed how the women, who had wept so much on my account, later laughed happily, loved and lived with other men. It is so arranged, otherwise it would be too boring.

- So, you mean, change is always taken care of. And who does that?

Yes, yourself or your heavenly helper find something suitable.

- Who exactly are 'heavenly helpers'? Is there really such a thing as Angels?

Yes indeed, of course. Angels are really just people or vice-versa. They are of course Beings without a physical body and take part in our lives, they are the unseen players in the background. And everyone has a Guardian Angel that protects him from major harm, such as accidents etc.

- And if you feel so inclined, can you do that also?

Of course, but first I would have to be trained to do so, and right now I do not feel inclined. Maybe later, who knows?

- Training? Are there schools too in Heaven, or the Afterlife?

Of course, life goes on here much as it does on Earth, just not in the physical. But training is not looked upon so strictly: there are no coaches or bad marks etc. It is much easier and less complicated. I was only dead a few earthly days yet I already knew a lot, which I did not have to re-learn. The soul knows all things, so education is just a refresher course and the Guardian Angels give one tips and exchange a lot of experiences.

- So, many of the deceased together with Angel-Spirits get together chatting happily?

Of course, and there is much to chat about. You won't believe the tales that my previous colleagues such as Kuli (Hans-Joachim Kuhlenkampff) and Peter Frankenfeld, who by the way send their warmest greetings, have related about their past life.

- Is it true than that man can have many different lives on Earth?

Oh for sure, Hape Kerkeling has just written in his book about how he had insight into past lives. Every human has a hundred or more lives just on planet Earth. And before that on other planets, in other worlds and in other universes.

- That means that we, in other words our souls, are really ancient?

Asbach ur-ur-ur alt (a play on the name of a German brandy), a number with countless zeros.

- Wow! Then I needn't worry much about the few decades I have spent on this Earth.

No, as old as you are, or your soul is, fortunately you don't look that old. Even an Egyptian mummy is a spring chicken in comparison.

- I see you haven't lost your earthly sense of humour.

Humour and Love are constants for Beings without a physical body.

- Oh, how nice. And why are there so many humans lacking in love and humour?

Because they want to experience the opposite. Nothing but Peace, Joy, pancakes in Heaven becomes boring in the long run, that's why we want to experience the opposite on Earth at times. And in some of the lives of Rudi Carrell I experienced little fun or humour and no sex whatsoever. I was a poor beggar monk and played the role well. I therefore wanted to play quite the opposite in my next life. And that I was able to do, thank God.

- Do you also tell each other jokes?

Yes, but I think they are already wellknown on Earth.

- Oh come on, Rudi, you are sure to think of something?

OK then ..... Oh, no, I don't feel like telling a joke right now, they are all old hat. But I would like to ask you a question. Two drunks sit in a pub and drink to see who can handle the most liquor. One is the epitome of a good Angel and the other has the devil in his heart. Who do you think won?

- The one with the devil?

No, the other one. Angels are just like people and there is no such thing as the devil. That is just one of our inventions, so that we can shock the other players in the game.

- So, in other words you mean there is no such thing as good and bad, Angel or Devil?

Yes, these are only roles that we play in our many games of life, sometimes we are good little angels, sometimes we are little devils.

- And what was Rudi Carrell really like?


- I thank you for this wonderful conversation. One could continue in this vein for hours. It was really interesting to learn something about life after death. Do you have a final word of advice for our readers of this interview?

Well, I found it really great to be loved and honoured by so many people and I really enjoyed making people happy through my work. I only came to realize that fully once I got here. So live and work with joy and when your shxx-job doesn't please you, look for another one; when love runs cold, let it go; when you are sad, then read jokes; when you are ill, do not give up hope; and live and enjoy life, that is really the reason for our earthly existence. And realize that you cannot take your worldly goods with you. Being a corpse is a great leveler, it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, and in Heaven earthly titles and diplomas count for nothing. And above all, have no fear of dying; it doesn't hurt, it is only giving up the physical cover for your soul.

- Oh, you put that beautifully. You really shortened your own life by immoderate smoking, If it had not been for that, you would probably not have passed on so soon nor died from lung cancer. Do you regret that now?

No, I enjoyed much that was good and beautiful, and cigarettes were necessarily included in that: I enjoyed every single one of them. I don't regret it, although this will not be good news for your health gurus.

In the end everyone is responsible for their own life and always has the choice of doing or not doing something. I could have died for some other reason, one cannot avoid it. But, as I said, have no fear, I now fully enjoy my life in Heaven, even without cigarettes.

I thank all those who played this life with me, family, friends, lovers, colleagues, fans, audience, enemies as well as critics, for putting up with me for so long and who supported me, criticized and scolded me, while loving me at the same time.

I love you all too, still, and certainly in all eternity, Amen.

Your Rudi, the old Carrell

Can we talk again sometime? There are so many interesting things to relate.

- Certainly. You know where I live. I wish you much fun in your new, heavenly life, and send greetings to all up there who know me or did know me.

And to finish off Rudi sang the old song: "We are all little sinners, ..... it was always so, it was always so ..... "

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