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TELEPATHY is the language of old, which we have in the main lost over time, returning for the Golden Age to enhance communication with others on this planet, human and animal, as well as with Celestial Beings throughout the universe - whether on planets or starships - regardless of the language which is spoken.

Advances in communication will be one of most important developments in the Golden Age, ushered in by the implementation of the NESARA provisions.

What are Telepaths? - the transmitters and receivers of light encoded information from the galactic airwaves.

Telepathy is not rocket science, and anyone can succeed at it. In fact we are all born with that ability: it is just that this is one of the areas suppressed or even ridiculed by parents or other adults, so children often give up quickly.

All beings have spirits and it is with the spirit or soul that one communicates. So the easiest way to start is with flora and fauna - plants and animals. Prince Charles was 'accused' of talking to plants and his sanity was thus questioned. It is just one way in which the abilities of humankind are suppressed, so that they are easier to control. It was most inconvenient to our 'controllers' to have a figurehead like Prince Charles show that this is possible - indeed quite natural.

Have you ever shouted angrily at your houseplant? or have you ever talked kindly to one, expressing your pleasure at its beauty or the fragrance which it lends to the surroundings? The effect is soon apparent. A plant will wither and die if it is not appreciated.

"Talking to the animals" is of course more immediate in effect. It is common knowledge for instance that an animal picks up on 'fear vibrations' and that could be dangerous with a 'wild' animal. In reality it is your thoughts that it picks up. You can talk to an animal telepathically and it will understand what you mean - regardless of the language which you use. That is probably the most telling aspect of telepathy - it is the thought that is transferred, not the words. For instance, my Kuvascz, who is regarded as quite advanced in the animal world, was immediately and perfectly at home with the Russian language, when he was first introduced to it.

The Kuvasz (a Hungarian sheepdog-guard-dog) was very much advanced for an animal. In fact a seer told me he would become a human in his next lifetime. In real life the Kuvasz, which is always white or ivory, lives with the sheep in the open and protects them against wolves - which they will kill. You would not want him as an enemy, but it was the only dog I knew that would allow you to actually take food OUT of his mouth without biting you. He might give you a look meaning "Are you crazy?" but that was all. One day my wife was extremely upset about personal problems and went out into the garden to talk to "Kai" about it. He listened very intensely, as if he understood every word, and lay there with an ever-increasing look of sadness on his face, giving a heartfelt sigh every now and again. No wonder they call the dog man's best friend.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake did enough research on the intuitive powers of pets to fill an entire book. It was called, "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals."

He states: "Telepathy is a natural medium of communication. Animals use it. Dolphins and whales use it. Humans use it at night, when they are out-of-body and traveling in the spirit world. Speech was developed as a means of communication in the physical world because the human conscious mind is tightly focused upon the exterior world, emphasizing the use of five physical senses for its information. While the conscious human mind typically ignores telepathic input, the subconscious mind is fully telepathic. Your subconscious mind perceives every thought that the subconscious mind of another person - or the conscious mind of a pet - directs towards you."

Communication - or THOUGHT TRANSFER - can take various forms. In recent times, back in the '30s and '40s the Ouija Board was frequently used to communicate with 'spirits from the other world', and although that is primarily the domain of dark entities, well-intentioned individuals at that time made considerable progress in gaining knowledge and in contacting Masters - principally from the East. Such a session was called a séance. They even received advanced technology, but unfortunately this was suppressed by the powers that be, although some records do remain.

With the advent of the 'New Age', around the '70s, and a renewed interest in understanding life and death, channeling became more socially acceptable and is widespread today. Most often in channeling, the spirit of the receiver - in this case called a trance medium - leaves and temporarily gives over control of the physical body, including vocal chords, but the tone of the messenger is distinctly different from the owner of the vocal chords - although the vocabulary of the medium is used throughout. Conscious channelling is less frequent today - but it should be noted that this can be done by anyone: thoughts which come to one, usually during meditation, or in dreams, are normally channelled messages, or messages from loved ones who have departed. Automatic writing popularised by Ruth Montgomery and others is received in a similar fashion.

In Telepathy the receiver remains in charge of all his or her senses at all times, and is therefore able to make informed decisions on an ongoing basis. It is the preferred means of communication with the Celestials who ask that this be taught now as a matter of urgency so that their knowledge can be passed on for the benefit of Mankind, and make it easier for all concerned when they set foot on Earth in the near future. To explain telepathy and help those who wish to become telepaths, the website was created. There are also hands-on courses organised by a few telepaths for those who need more intense instruction.

So why are so many messages seemingly contradictory?

A telepath must follow certain rules in order to interpret clearly the message being sent and ensure that he or she is not being tricked by the Dark side.

A telepath must be at peace, healthy - not sick, not tired, in a quiet environment, free from disturbances (phone, cellphone, TV etc), have a purpose, radiate love, be self-confident but not egotistical. It can be difficult at times to comply with all these conditions, and sometimes telepaths fall into the ego trap and omit necessary precautions and the strict disciplne which is required.

As a general rule, the first approach will be from a negative entity - a dark energy - so challenging the source is imperative.

In recent times there have been powerful forces directed against Lightworkers acting as receivers in an attempt to discredit them or to cause them to lose confidence in their abilities. Many attempts have been successful. There are psychics who are Dark Energies (often used by the CIA) who impose themselves on receivers, in an attempt to deceive them, often pretending to be someone else.

One solution was found in 2006 whereby a group of telepaths would circulate to the other telepaths in the group any message they received before it was released for general circulation. The others would verify the source, and from time to time a false message would be identified, and the credibility of the receiver thereby safeguarded. It was sometimes a shock to the telepath to realise that he or she had been the victim of deception, but the experience acted to strengthen the ability of the receiver to perceive the identity of the source. It is not easy to get rid of 'egg on the face' .....

That practice regretfully fell into disuse, and many false messages today tend to be circulated as Truth.

Some disregard these precautions, saying they can always 'recognise' the energy that comes to them. The Dark are experts at subterfuge! One should always play it safe. Many excellent receivers in the past have fallen victim to this trap, and EGO tends to play a part here. One must remain humble.

All messages are interpreted by the receiver and different receivers may interpret messages coloured by their own thoughts or opinions, and others just lack experience or knowledge in the subject matter. Some use 'joint billing'! - in other words they put themselves on a par with the sender of the message and freely add to the message received, without stating that this portion is their own personal opinion. Ego can be a real stumbling block.

An excerpt from the article on "ETs" is also relevant here:-
"While Captain Helena and her team confer with others and discuss various alternatives, telepaths may pick up on one that is still just a possibility - a work in progress - and not the final or current solution. Occasionally more than one alternative scenario has the potential to manifest, so information is sent to different groups ground-side, who then each work on their own, thus causing apparent conflicts among channelers/groups. When one scenario then occurs, it's the responsibility of the channel/receiver to stay abreast of the latest plans, which are, of course, available for the asking. It can be difficult to get it all correct. The Dark side (including the CIA) are also very active and expert in interfering with messages, so it really does take application and that good old-fashioned discernment."

"It is easier for us to receive the telepathic message being sent to us than for those who are relatively new to telepathic communication to receive messages from us. However, we appreciate the messages that are being sent." ..... Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 7th February, 2007.

And finally, those who have passed into the Higher Realms have themselves to learn the art of telepathy, so sometimes their initial messages are relatively short. For those reading messages it is always recommended to use discernment and understanding.

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