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As the name implies "Stasis"* is a period of time during which all human life (as well as fauna and flora) goes into involuntary hibernation so that certain events can take place on the planet without the stress of human observation. Timing is decided upon solely by Aton, creator of this universe Nebadon, who will identify the best moment for its implementation, which will be led by Commander Soltec, as there are several lines of action which could be taken. It is not a question of 'if' but of 'when' STASIS will be introduced. It was said many years ago that these momentous events would come "Like a thief in the night ....." - a statement which should be familiar to biblical scholars.
* Stasis comes from the Greek stasis, "a standing still," from histasthai, "to stand."

The exact duration of 'stasis' may be as short as several weeks or as long as several months. That will be irrelevant to the human population, which will wake up dizzily to a new world - clocks will have held their breath; the seasons apparently fast-forwarded to that wake-up moment. It is a ONE-TIME event, happening simultaneously worldwide, as it could not be implemented piecemeal [although some sources refer to multi-occasions they are interpreting the word wrongly. This is one, MAJOR event of unheard of proportions!!!]

Technical Notes:
In answer to the question "Will energy be flowing through electrical wires during stasis?" St Germain responded in the affirmative (through Helen Engel, 2008 09 22).

"Stasis is a clean-up period; it is a gift to Earth from a benevolent Creator. Stasis will be applied to humankind equally throughout the Earth, whilst the Celestials come down to carry out their tasks. Nature adopts "rest", a situation comparable to trees and many animals which hibernate over winter.

"In that way motion, distance and time will not be permanently set a-kilter. It is as if a wind occurs moving at 200 km per hour. It must be followed by a compensating stillness and lack of motion. If a period of great heat occurs, eventually there will follow a compensating removal of heat, which is cold. And so it is, and eventually balance is regained.

"Mankind will not observe the entire spectrum, only that portion of time, quick time, and no time, and finally back to balance. And he will not even observe that, because he will not be participating.

"There will be no changes in Earth's energy during nor after stasis. The change will be in man's perception of energy. What you perceive, you believe. Mankind will evolve beyond the perception of an electrical current (protons) moving along wires and will regard that as archaic. He will accept a more enlightened concept that will not require small units (electrons) to be spun and swirled into larger units that are different in design and in characteristics. Mankind will perceive an evolved unit of energy that is now being called the Dodeca unit. When the perception and manifestation of this new form of energy has manifested in every region of earth, the power stations will lie idle. The Creator is gracious and kind, and will not leave mankind abandoned. The pioneers of the electrical system came to earth as messengers, and gave form to a concept of electrical power. Similarly, the concept of Dodeca energy is coming to Earth, and pioneers will manifest its power and energy. All is in Divine Order and will be accomplished."

(St Germain followed this with a message through Rae Ramsey later that same day:)

"Within our present framework of understanding, electrons and protons are sub-atomic particles which make up atoms, which make up the molecules of the gasses which compose air. Air will still be there; we will still be able to breathe (with a smile) and feel wind. And sail boats, even. He showed me a picture of ..... glowing cleanness. Not only from the lessening of pollution, but also a refinement and re-orientation of the sub-atomic particles to a more pristine and undistorted state, more like their original blueprint. A lot of the electromagnetic junk would be gone and matter would continue to increase in frequency, thus closer to its energetic pattern. A new world for us to work and delight in."

'Stasis' has two principal purposes: the removal of the obstinate Illuminati, or Dark-side, and their minions, who have been responsible for the current worldwide financial meltdown, and who have held humanity in serfdom for centuries but refused to surrender, despite losing the battle, and the cleansing of almost all pollution throughout the planet - from the earth, sea and sky. This will include removal of electromagnetic radiation; the cleanup of predatory satellites, and the plutonium which they hold. Noise pollution however will still have to be dealt with by mankind.

It is a last resort solution. Most people have come to understand by now that the Illuminati are those who long ago took control over most of planet Earth through the installation and practice of monetary systems which made all others their slaves. That is one 'commandment' which has not been kept by them (not listed of course in biblical texts, as they also controlled what was allowed to be written). They have also utilized extraterrestrial technology to control the people rather than benefit them. Yes, the ETs did ask who our 'leaders' were ..... and they did come to them.

As this was the last reasonable resort, and postponed to the last possible minute, the delay will result in some difficult times immediately ahead for all who remain on the planet. The number of people who will be 'missing' upon wake-up after 'stasis' is estimated at about 30% of the world population - members of the Dark side and their followers, who will be removed to 'Stone Age' type planets, or even uncreated, becoming fossils of a bygone age.

During this time increased photon activity will also eliminate others of highly negative vibrations; their bodies will be gathered up and cremated, the souls passing on to a more suitable location. Humanity will be spared from observing this unpleasant scene by 'stasis'. Missing members of a family will cause much stress. Missing politicians, lawyers and such ..... maybe not so much .....

This is a time when watching TV will be most desirable in order to keep everyone informed, and up-to-date. For about two weeks there will be explanations on TV and radio about what has happened, why it has happened and what to expect next. Time to pay attention, especially for those who have been 'asleep at the wheel' ..... - the 'sheeple'. This article constitutes advance warning (if it is published in time .....).

Some immediate effects will create emergency situations, such as weather and seismic disasters unparalleled in recent history - and plans for these emergencies have been prepared with the help of those representing the Galactic Federation.

As all (or most) of the pollution in the earth, air and sky will have been removed, it would be unthinkable to allow pollution to continue anew. That means naturally that with immediate effect:
  1. NO AIRCRAFT will fly in the skies. Once they touch down they will be immobilized. Holidaying passengers will be returned to their homes by space shuttle.

  2. NO TRUCKS will continue their journeys. Drivers will be picked up and returned to their homes by space shuttle. The delivery of goods comes to a stop.

  3. NO OTHER FOSSIL-FUEL ENGINE will start. Those with plans for alternate energy propulsion systems must get into high gear NOW to deliver aftermarket conversions or new systems.

  4. VESSELS AT SEA will be similarly affected. In addition, the seas will become inhospitable to all shipping for a period of about two years, as Mother Earth adjusts through seismic and other activities worldwide.
As you can imagine, this is going to take MAJOR adjustments! There will be no commuter traffic for a while - an enforced vacation, when there will be plenty of discussion - a time for all to reflect. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of pure water and non-perishable foods to tide you over.

There will be many thousands of Celestial helpers manning spacecraft to help stranded passengers and drivers, and to bring emergency food, clothing and shelter to those who need it. This may take some time.

Comments from Aton on the food and other situations:-
  • "Stasis would include microbial action and spoilage, including intestinal bacteria. Food would dry out rather than spoil, generally - but no green fur in your fridge ..... Food that is packaged, canned, or frozen will be OK.
  • There could be food spoilage in warmer parts of the globe as there are factors besides bacteria: contamination by insects, for example.
  • Some insects will be included in stasis, some won't be. It will depend on their vibrational structure. Pets will be subject to stasis as humans will be."

    Problem insects will subsequently disappear as they do not contribute to a harmonious environment on this planet.

STASIS is the precursor to the NESARA announcement (or its equivalent). This announcement incidentally is going to give "The Church" a massive migraine - who are these people from outer space? Did we not say they did not exist??? This will augur in the beginning of the demise and rebirth of a much changed Church, and an improved understanding of spirituality throughout all 'religions'. However, by mid-2008 many governments throughout the world (even Roman Catholic authorities) had admitted freely that there are other races throughout the universe and beyond - and that they are not only more advanced than us but also friendly. The reports have been published in the press, so the façade is gradually collapsing.

For those who are 'fortunately' at home over this time, and will not be so severely affected, there will be shortages of food and water very quickly - it only takes a matter of hours for shop shelves to empty in an emergency, so be on guard. Help those physically disadvantaged. As there will be no electricity (electrons will cease to move), refrigerators will not be working, and refrigerated products will dry out over time.

This is the entrance to the Golden Age - also known as the Age of Aquarius, the New Age, the New Dispensation etc, depending upon your environment and upbringing. There must be restoration of the planet and a return to a sustainable way of life ..... there is certain to be many inconveniences (especially for those living in the pampered Western world) on the way to this enlightened environment, but the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences, except that on wake-up one could be into a different season of the year. Does "Pray that your flight be not in the winter" appear relevant today?

NESARA will bring or restore prosperity to not only business but to the people of the world in general. People who are penniless cannot spend money, but once they have money to spend the economy will improve by leaps and bounds.

Olive groves by the sea. Photo by Dr Milson Macleod
Olive groves by the sea, island of Corfu.

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