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The NESARA announcement and its implemetation brings to a close the control of the Illuminati over the culture and morals of most of the people on planet Earth. The lower the level, the easier it is to control and maintain control over mankind.

Many aspects of SOCIAL CHANGE have been treated separately on various pages of this document but there are many other changes that have not been directly discussed.

There will be many questions once the Truth is out and the wrongdoings of government and other organisations reach the light of day.

There will undoubtedly be angry mobs in search of blood - the common human reaction up till now when wrongdoings are made public. That is why Lightworkers have been advised to lie low for a while: the streets could be dangerous.

This, however, is on such a scale that it will be difficult to comprehend, but the criminal element (at government level) have made their own preparations for that - MARTIAL LAW. If it ever happens it will be short-lived, we are assured.

With the massive layoffs and anger at injustice (vented often at police forces) there are already angry mobs in the streets of several countries. That is just a foretaste of what is to come. And it may not be just shoes that are thrown .....

President Bush avoids shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi correspondent, 14th December 2008
President Bush avoids shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi correspondent, 14th December 2008.
It made an impact worldwide and there was even more than one video game (the original is here} developed on this incident.
Furthermore, President Bush was given an Iraqi-journalist-style sendoff on his last full day in office Monday, as tourists and demonstrators lobbed shoes, pumps, boots, sandals and Crocs from Pennsylvania Avenue onto the White House lawn.
There comes a time however when even the military see through the wrongdoings of those in power and turn on their superiors. Much of the military today (at least in North America) consists of cloned soldiers. You may remember the conscription ad (and video) some years back which showed a group of soldiers in action ..... and each face was identical. That was a mistake of course and the ad was soon withdrawn.

There are at least 125 underground cities/military bases in North America alone, but it was said many years ago that it would not take all that much to get the clones to work FOR us rather than against us. These cities can be as much as 30 stories deep and 30 miles wide.

After the NESARA announcement, the role of the military will be quite different and many of them will be assimilated into civilian life, especially into the new or revamped industries.

Once we are rid of the controlling Illuminati and their minions, who might still think they have power, the Truth will flow like a raging river, there are many things that will occupy the minds of those at discussion tables, at the coffeehouse - or at the local 'pub'.


Festival of Trees
Festival of Trees, Vancouver, Canada
Christmas will become a topic sooner or later. What do we do now that we know more about its origins?

One thing we should bear in mind: Christmas has long been a festive season, where 'Goodwill Towards Men' is shown, not only in "Christian" circles - those of other faiths can enjoy it just as much and many participate in the festivities. It is the time of year when Joy is at its peak; when the Pink Ray of Love is at its brightest; when the spirit of Giving, the feeling of passion, and the sense of being One with all is most visible. And in the coming era of Peace, this will be even more intense.

Just after the festive season is the time when many people choose to pass on, as the anti-climax is too much for them.

Once the people finally have 'money' in their pockets, or the means of exchange, it will probably be celebrated even more. So should we keep the status quo, or go with a more realistic date?

The Winter Solstice is considered one of the most powerful times of the year by many cultures around the world. It is also the longest night of the year, and heralds the initial impulse of the annual return of the Sun, the Light, to planet Earth. The date was chosen to coincide with the winter solstice and Roman festivals and was called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti "the birthday of the unconquered sun".

In the cold, dark, inhospitable months of winter, the celebration of the Winter Solstice was a pleasant break. People gathered together, and gradually symbols of the Christmas we now know were introduced - the evergreen boughs, holly, ivy, mistletoe; the Christmas Tree (1605 - Der Tannenbaum); the twelve nights of Christmas; the exchange of trinkets or presents; the Yule log; the goose or turkey; Christmas candles, bells and lights; mince pies, Christmas fruitcake - often fortified by Rum or Brandy, Christmas pudding (plum pudding, plum duff), over which brandy is poured and then lit, and which contains a symbolic silver coin, a thimble and a ring; Christmas songs such as "Silent Night" (Franz Gruber, Austria, 1816); carol singers, who go door to door, often receiving a small reward; Christmas concerts and plays; Santa's reindeer; hanging up stockings on Christmas Eve to receive presents from 'Santa Claus' - or laying out shoes if you live in Holland; sending out Christmas cards started in England in 1843. And more recently it has become the practice to decorate one's house both internally and externally with lights - sometimes thousands of lights - as well as Christmas related figures and scenes.

In the Northern hemisphere it has long been associated with snow, reindeer and a character called "Santa Claus" - with slight variations in different languages or cultures such as Father Christmas, St Nikolaus, Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle, der Weihnachtsmann or other names. In a lighter vein, when Chico Marx was told to sign a clause that would prove he was sane, he retorted: "You don't fool me: there is no Sanity Clause".

Because gift-giving and several other aspects of the holiday involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, Christmas has become a major event for the retail trade.

There are however variations even in "Christendom" as to the date of celebration: the Orthodox Church celebrates on January 7th, and in Holland and Germany St Nikolaus is celebrated on December 5th and 6th.

But someone points out that the calendar has been revised more than once in the last two millennia and the date should actually be August 8th. That would mean no snow - or probably moving to Australia - and the Christmas Scene would change dramatically. Probably not a welcome change.

It is a time that children in particular look forward to. How can we disappoint them? Think of the contributions that Charles Dickens, Frosty the Snowman and Dr Seuss have made to this tradition. Christmas was initially for the wealthy: it was Charles Dickens and his "Christmas Carol" that spread it to the 'lower classes'. Oliver Cromwell even forbade Christmas cheer - one could only go to church on Christmas Day in his times.

A closer examination of even biblical references would indicate something was wrong with a winter scene. The people were 'taxed' - another word for 'census taking' - so people had to return to their birthplace to be counted. This would definitely not be done in winter. Esu Immanuel himself, as well as others, have pointed this out. The date chosen for celebration was the Winter Solstice, and the story changed to comply with that scenario.

But does it really matter? If it is only once a year that you think about Esu Immanuel, perhaps, but Lightworkers should have him in mind every day of the year and not just limited to Christmas-time.

Traditions die hard and I somehow think the Festive Season is going to remain roughly the way it is. We may however institute a further holiday to be celebrated on 8th August annually - replacing the "Bank Holiday" observed in the West!

Festival of Trees
Festival of Trees, Vancouver, Canada

The observance of other holidays may also be re-examined.

When unrest and uncertainty spreads over the land, living itself can be fraught with danger: on the other hand, in times of crisis human beings tend to show their good side in helping others, so it may be a very mixed scenario. The sooner people understand what is going on and why, the better, and the quicker they will be to simmer down and act constructively. This CD was meant to help in that, but that help may be no more than a drop in the bucket. The task is immense. How does one reach 350 million plus in North America alone?

COMMUNICATIONS will be mainly by telephone, the internet, radio and TV. The newspaper industry will be local only, for the time being: no 'national press'. However, underground cables may frequently snap, especially ocean cables - and repairing them might be impossible for quite some time (two years maybe?) due to seismic disturbances underwater. As the seas will be too rough for shipping (according to Commander Soltec) repair ships may not be able to reach any broken cable. This may affect some international telephone services.

It will be a time for innovation. How quickly can INVENTORS get out the alternatives that we need in this New Age? First they have to be persuaded that the restrictions that stopped them from producing have really gone. Sources for raw materials may be difficult to locate. And distribution of the final product will initially be local only, until alternative transportation is available.

Most of the CHURCHES will be in a quandary. Here too the people will be very angry at having been misled, so it is important that ministers, priests, clerics and other religious leaders be acquainted with and accept the Truth so that they are fully aware of how they themselves have been misled. For many their livelihood will be in danger, but the Church will continue on a more spiritual basis. One college has been set up already to deal with the new doctrines that ministers of the gospel (in the broadest sense of the phrase) will have to understand and teach after the Second Coming - which has awaited this Golden Age, and a time when at least 50% of mankind is "serving". A foretaste can be found at the Akkadian College of Divinity website.

SCIENTISTS in fields where their discoveries have been accepted as 'scientific fact' and whose knowledge is 'paramount' will be among those most belligerent when the Truth is unveiled - and their theories fall apart. This is particularly true in a field such as archaeology, where one who has made a new discovery must first gain the agreement of the expert in this field (who rarely admits that someone else could be right, as his standing would be lost). So in the past many great scientists and Truths have been lost because of this despotic hierarchy of knowledge. We will soon have knowledge, or confirmation, from extraterrestrial sources as to what is what in the field of science.

What will happen to "CLASS DISTINCTIONS"? NESARA will be a great leveller. Those who have come by their wealth fraudulently, will either lose such wealth or be transferred to another planet, where conditions will be 'Stone Age'. Some countries will be more affected than others. The British class system will take a serious hit. In India and similar countries where religion is often tied in to the class system, it might take some time to get everyone up to an acceptable level of living.

It is encouraging to see at last a real start to housing the HOMELESS in some areas (such as Vancouver, Canada where the new Mayor has just laid out his 90-day plan for improvement - the city has purchased 17 older hotels for renovation and housing them). NESARA will hopefully be announced before that time expires and the project will become much greater with generous funding. See also Part II of the " Feed My Sheep" project at

We know who controls EDUCATION - education in its broadest sense, but at the moment we are not allowed to mention their name. Their influence extends from dictionaries, school programs, television programs to many other related fields.

Official education has been provided to 'dumb-down' the upcoming generations, but it takes much more insidious forms, aimed at reducing culture to a low ebb. And therefore making people easier to control.

Take a look at your daily TV programs and see what is being 'taught' as acceptable conduct in today's society - especially for the benefit of the younger generation: -

Showcase: "Wife Swap"
Slice (28): "Meet Your New Mommy - Trading Spouses"
KVOS 12: "Cheaters"
Bravo 40: "Desperate Housewives"
various: "Sex in the City"

Your channels could be different: these were taken from the Canadian West schedules and can be seen more than once daily. Obviously an urgent need!

There are probably many more, with less provocative titles, and sex education or encouragement is hidden in many surprising shows.

HISTORY will of course have to be rewritten (see down through the ages it has been grossly misrepresented, depending on which race - or religious sect - published the 'history.' And of course the history of wars have always been written by the victors, and slanted accordingly. It is refreshing to see today so many new revelations about World War II and the personages involved. Back in the '90s Russian researchers disclosed that British History had been grossly misrepresented: a decade had been taken and expanded to a century, and a century had been reduced to a decade. (I knew there had to have been some reason for my intense dislike of history lessons at school!)

How many people know who declared war on whom in World War II? If that piques your interest have a look at the internet article which reproduces the Daily Express newspaper coverage of that event in 1933 -
Also available of course in German at -
That should raise some eyebrows!

So much to do ....... there will be work for all ..... the Golden Age beckons - and it will be in stark contrast to what mankind has had to put up with for so long. It will be a time of expanding cosmic awareness, where sooner or later the Lion will lay down with the Lamb ......

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