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The promised bow in the sky?
The promised "Bow in the Sky"?
The Hebrew original does not mean
'rainbow' but rather a bow for arrows
discarded, to end all wars
Hubble Photo Jupiter_103960Min.jpg
Hubble Photo Jupiter_103960Min.jpg

Last Updated: 8th July, 2009

The planet JUPITER is to become our SECOND SUN. This is an explosive event and the timing has been changed more than once. The expected timeline for this event has passed and it is not clear what exactly is happening at the moment. It seems that Jupiter is still behind the sun.

We are told that certain information is withheld on the "need to know basis" - an old military term, which ensures that critical information is not made available to the 'enemy' and consequently disrupt plans.


April 2009: The only thing we can rely on, it appears, is CHANGE! It is unclear what happened to Jupiter, but ATON says the times are very fluid right now, so expect anything. The latest comment is that the SUN will appear to STAND STILL for FOUR HOURS, which will indicate the beginning of "stasis". If you cannot see the sun, you will notice that daylight hours will be extended by that amount of time.

Our current sun will remain in the background and it will finally be obvious to all that we have a bi-solar system, like most other systems (some have more than two suns).

Photo of a Solar System With Two Suns
Photo of a Solar System With Two Suns

Description: Royalty-free astronomy stock photo of a faraway solar system, similar to ours, except that planets and asteroids circle around two suns instead of one. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that such solar systems might be common in the universe .... Source document ... Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona.

The brightness of this event would make it uncomfortable for human beings so it is most likely that it will occur during stasis - or with a short glimpse of the event before stasis actually happens. A forty-minute preview was mentioned at one time, then we would enter 'stasis.' Just enough time to be forewarned and take some action.

It was decided at a meeting on board the starship Capricorn early in November 2007 that this event would precede stasis, and that the people would be allowed to see this event briefly, principally for the benefit of religious groups.

If everything is still on schedule it would appear that this would occur when Jupiter is in 'conjunction' (not 'opposition' as some sources felt) - on 24th January 2009 .... can we wait that long? Jupiter would peer out briefly from behind the sun around that time.

Update: 9th February 2009: Now on hold, but it MUST happen, insists Aton - just at the most appropriate time. Perhaps the very positive worldwide response to the election of Obama as US President has contributed to this delay.

Update: 23rd March 2009: The situation is still confusing to many of us. We are told that Jupiter has indeed become a second sun but is still being held BEHIND the sun.

We used to believe that celestial objects had FIXED paths but we know now that Higher Beings can alter these paths, as has now happened with Jupiter. Our Moon is also "off-course": these last few months it has been seen descending at an unusually steep angle of roughly 45 degrees.

Update: June 2009: The reason given for the continued delay is the instability of the planet at the moment, as it prepares to become mono-polar, rather than having North and South Poles. It would be inadvisable to start 'stasis' at such a critical time. It has been stated that some crop circles have been acting as 'anchors' as a help to those starships involved in this stabilizing action.

"Jupiter will resume apparent direct motion on 2008 SEP 08 and reach eastern quadrature (90° from Sun) on OCT 06. Conjunction with the Sun will occur on 2009 JAN 24, (05.44 GMT)" -

There will be a small change in the planet's axis so expect some weather abnormalities, seismic activity due to electromagnetic disturbances, and the consequences of no electricity.

Progress reports since the idea of stasis was introduced can be read on the internet under the 'Sequence of Events' at

Many have enquired why this should start in 'America'. The United States of America (sic) has long been hailed as the bastion of freedom, so all the changes are to start there. Canada follows immediately as it enjoys the same current, unwelcome 'controls.'

Jupiter in Conjunction

These diagrams show Jupiter in opposition and in conjunction

Jupiter in Opposition

Questions raised on 8th December, 2008 by a group in Michigan were put by Milson (M) to a telepath, Rae Ramsey (R), for confirmation by Commander Soltec, the geophysicist, with whom they have been in frequent contact:

M: What causes Jupiter to "explode"? Is this more than sudden increased light or a physical event?

R: As near as I could understand it, the potential to be a sun is inherent in every planet-body as it grows during its life cycle. It's rather like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, though I don't think every planet necessarily has 'sun-hood' as its destiny. Besides the mechanical processes involved, there is also the direction and purpose (as well as maturity of awareness) of the being whose body is the planet.

Commander Soltec: Well stated.

The process could be described as taking a deep breath, pausing a moment while the interior energies at the etheric level realign and reorganize, and then sneezing. My understanding is that Jupiter became stuck between the inhale and the sneeze last fall, and was then held in that state by Federation technology till it was again behind the sun. They tried to nudge him at the time, but couldn't get him to let go before he came out from behind the sun (this would be more a matter of interior planetary mechanics, rather than something under conscious control of the being). So, now we get another go at it.

Commander Soltec: It's actually a good deal more complex than that, but that will serve as an abstract overview of the process.

M: What is the benefit of having TWO suns? I seem to recollect having being told (perhaps through the Phoenix Journals?) that we were the only system with just one sun. Some actually had three.

R: There is no particular benefit or detriment to having two suns, or one, or three or four. It's just a situation, another manifold expression of the One Cause. For inhabitants of the planets involved, it would certainly make a difference, as the energy fields bathing them would be much more complex. Animal and plant life would evolve to interact with the new arrangement, and take advantage of it. Humans, likewise. In terms of astrological influences, I would much rather have Jupiter be a strongly radiating center than Mars or Saturn, for example. I hope we are ready to take these influences for our growth and expansion (very Jupiterian traits).

Commander Soltec: Absolutely correct! And as for the qualities of the energies, they WILL come - the rest is up to you.

M: Does this light consist of photons? My understanding is that photons are light particles, therefore Light itself.

R: I don't have a clear picture of all the energetic and vibrational goodies that shine on us, and I am certain the current scientific model is sadly inadequate. One of my (zillion) projects is to look into this area, especially from the viewpoint of hyperspace physics. Right now I don't have a complete enough understanding to be able to translate what I see myself and what I am shown by (a very patient) Commander Soltec. Certainly the energies from Jupiter would be the same kind as from Sol, but with a different 'flavor', just as people have different 'feelings' around them which can be sensed by others as they walk into a room. Undoubtedly there will be a period of erratic blasts till the new Jupiter-body gets fully organized and operating smoothly, rather like a baby learning to walk.

Commander Soltec: Yes, that's right. And do go ahead with your studies, you can always consult with me as you have been, and I will send nudges as needed.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in Earth's solar system. With the exception of the Sun, the Moon, and Venus, Jupiter is the brightest object in Earth's sky - more than three times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star. Due to its prominence in the sky, the ancient Romans named Jupiter for Jove, the chief god of Roman mythology.

And finally here is


which features
the Moon, Jupiter and Venus
on 1st December 2008.

From a Daily Mail (UK) report:

"British tourists enjoying a spot of winter sunshine down under were able to look up and see the heavens smiling back down on them last night.

"A rare cosmic alignment of the planets Venus and Jupiter meant they produced a smiling face with the crescent moon in Australia's western sky.

"The unusual phenomenon, with Venus as the left eye and Jupiter the right, took place between 8pm and 11pm (Western Australia Time).

"Unfortunately, due to the curvature of the earth, the smiley face did not beam down from European or U.S. skies, although it was possible to see the planets."
Smile in the Sky. Venus Jupiter and the Moon, 1st Dec 2008
The smiley face beams down on Sydney, Australia

Is someone smiling at us, knowing that better times lie ahead? Some of us already know .....

Was this a "good-bye" smile from Jupiter as a planet, before becoming our Second Sun?

Photographers not known - these photos appeared in numerous newspapers .....
Smile in the Sky. Venus Jupiter and the Moon, 1st Dec 2008
Stargazers point out the unusual 'smiley face' in the night sky
over Kathmandu in Nepal last night

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