Cloaked ships over Tehachapi, California in the '90s
Cloaked ships over Tehachapi, California, in the '90s

With the benefit of returning to constitutional law and the absence of industrial dictatorship, inventors of NEW ENERGY devices will be able to safely make their devices available publicly. Alternative medical therapies and technologies can likewise be made available without worry of attacks by FDA agents or other 'government' interference. What a tremendous benefit to the human race!

One method that the Illuminati used to hamper the progress of science was to introduce systems and theories which prevented scientifically-useful measurements from being made, and consequently from unlocking the secrets of the universe. The introduction of the metric system was one such tool. It prevented advanced scientific calculations from being made accurately. Despite its seeming difficulty and lack of reason, the so-called 'Imperial' system of weights and measures is much more accurate. We will therefore change back to using pounds rather than kilograms, although it will not be compulsory - some branches of industry might want to retain the metric system because of their business dealings with other countries which only use the metric system (at least for the moment).

Some changes were only nominal, so changing back to a '2 x 4' in the lumber industry for instance would not be all that difficult.

In making this change it will be lawful to use volumetric measure only for liquids and gases. Apples and pears, for instance, will no longer be sold by the litre, as is done is some quarters today. This would seem to be a common sense rule.

We may see the clock rolled back a bit until we can catch up with new technologies. One can imagine rickshaws, driven by raw human power or pedal-power, and the horse and cart returning to the streets of cities for a while. The electric milk-floats of old may also put in an appearance again, and carrying milk may not be their new purpose. Draft horses are somewhat scarce today, so that might be a new business opportunity for farmers - the Belgian, the Clydesdale, the Shire, the Irish Draught Horse and many others may enjoy a resurgence in popularity.

Horse-racing may be unaffected, but perhaps the chuckwagon races will take place on today's Formula1 circuits?

And of course the old reliable bicycle will be back on the streets .....

Technology in General

Science will take on a new meaning as new technologies are released, radically changing the way we do things. 'Science' of course means 'knowledge' so a 'scientist' is one who has knowledge or understanding [from the Latin scio - I know]. Shortcomings abound and we have been coerced into believing what is called "scientific proof" - what officialdom wants us to believe. How often has 'scientific proof' been updated by new discoveries and therefore further 'scientific proof'? Oil and gas will no longer be used, or at least drastically reduced: plastics will still be useful.

Oil tankers will become redundant. Gas-lines will no longer be required. Power lines will disappear - so there will be fewer blemishes on the countryside. Nuclear power will be dropped like a hot potato (other than 'cold fusion').

Even energies which seemed to be the answer now will be dropped - hydrogen, bio-diesel, wind-power, solar power. Cosmic energies are so much simpler, available in the atmosphere around us - and free. Cold fusion may also come to the fore as it is a viable alternative.

Wind and solar power are still viable, but tend to be costly under most circumstances. Wind farms create vibrations which are both disturbing and injurious to humans - and most likely also to animal life.

Even when environmentally-friendly facilities are created (such as offshore wind farms) government have fallen down in their planning - such as in Ontario, Canada, where there are no transmission lines to feed the new supply to where it might be needed! There might be justification for utilising the ebb and flow of tides to create energy in some cases (see the message from 'Kryon' below), but again, this is expensive.

The use of cosmic energy will be one of the greatest contributions to environmental wellbeing on this planet. Only environmentally-friendly energies will be used hereafter.

Nikola Tesla (see had an Electric Pierce Arrow back in 1930, "the ICE engine was replaced with an Electric Motor. The power source was a black box of radio tubes, in the glove compartment. The box had an antenna sticking out. Tesla would fool with some tuners and tune in the right frequency and got 240 volts delivered through the air to his car ....."

Tesla had so many useful inventions that will come now to the fore. His name was actually removed by government officials from many records and inventions, and credit given to Thomas Edison, who was not such a threat to the 'establishment', so these will now be reinstated.

There will be the Dodeca energy unit, which will replace neutrons and protons after stasis. "This is the dodecahedral form that Pythagoras said belongs in heaven. This has now come to Earth, and from now on, there will be a new energy. This will be the "12-Composite Energy". The 12-Composite Energy is unique. It has not been on Earth before. This energy is like spurs on a saddle - it integrates, it begins, it conforms, it informs. There will be so much to learn about this energy that it will take a hundred years." (May 2008)

KRYON, channelled through Lee Carroll 12th July, 2008

"The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher.

"There are two energy sources on this planet that have always been there that are free. Free! The technology to claim them (make them work) has also been developed. Did I say they were free? Listen: First, you wonder why the moon is there? Did anyone ever ask Spirit, "Why do we have a moon?" I'll tell you why: So that you could power your cities! Not too many have thought of this.

"The moon gives you motion of massive amounts of water on a timetable that has never changed for centuries. It gives you hundreds of thousands of tons of push/pull energy for free. It's always there and always will be. Indeed, where most of your large cities are, the waves and the tides provide the power to light them up. It will provide the power for every single city you can build from now until the day the earth is no longer. There is no limit to the amount of electricity that you could provide yourselves, even to the degree of plugging in your electric cars, and it's free and non-polluting.

"All you have to do is to build the apparatus that will contain it, and some already have. You know how to capture push/pull energy, whether it be a paddle wheel or a float. All of this has been designed. There are more than three cities currently on the earth who derive most of their power from tides. Look for them in the North. They're not in this country (USA). They already have the technology to power your cities, if you'll allow it to be. Did I mention it's free? The source is there for nothing, and you don't have to burn any oil for it; and you don't have to burn any coal for it; and you don't have to take anything from Gaia for it. Let Gaia push and pull its way to a freedom from the sources that you have now, which hurt the planet every day. It is here, it always has been, and it's not going away - massive power, given to you to harness and provide light and transportation.

"The next one is a little harder, but just as obvious. You have many ways of creating power. One of the most complex and difficult to understand and build is the nuclear power plant. When you are finished with a five-year construction project, all you have when you finished is having created an expensive steam engine. For all nuclear power does is create heat. This creates steam to drive a generator in circles, which then creates your electricity. It is, therefore, a glorified steam engine.

"There is another glorified steam engine called the magma of Earth. Everywhere you drill, it gets hot. The further you go down, it gets real hot. Did you think about that? If you want heat, all you have to do is drill for it! Now, this is difficult because you have to go down a long way. It becomes more difficult because there are by-products that are involved that complicate the safety and viability. The technology must be developed to tap the heat, to make a steam engine that's forever. Start by building these holes in the hot spots. The hot spots are defined as those places on the earth where the magma is close to the surface. How about starting at the Pacific Rim, for instance? This is where all the volcanoes are, for instance - and where many of your largest cities are, for instance. You will find all the power you need to create steam is right below your feet.

"Is it worth it to invest in this technology? That's up to you. How much longer do you wish to extract pieces and parts of the earth, burn them up and put them in the atmosphere? Now, what is that worth to you? So again we say, as clear as we've ever said it to you from the other side of the veil, that these power sources have always existed. They exist for you to create electricity, to power your cities, to power your vehicles, and it has always been a free source ready for you to invest in how to capture it. That was number three."

There was great excitement about hydrogen some years back, and bio-diesel more recently, but these were interim measures and will fade. Automobile manufacturers are already producing hybrid vehicles - in deference to the petroleum industry (who have the same people in overall control), they have not yet made them fully electric, but there are engines waiting in the wings which will drink in only the atmosphere (electron charge-coupled devices) or oxygen from the water in the very near future. In other words hybrid vehicles will be out: the automotive industry will have to rethink its future.

At first we thought this was what the world was waiting for! -
The Electrically Powered Flying Vehicle - see

"Our highways are obsolete. Every year, millions of dollars are wasted on repairing a system that can no longer accommodate the transportation needs of the 21st century. And to make matters worse, our already overburdened highways are bombarded yearly with thousands and thousands of new drivers. Not only does this cause further highway destruction, but it worsens pollution and slows traffic. Maybe worst of all, it increases the likelihood of traffic fatalities. The Langenburg Research Center in Eugene Oregon has an alternative: the electrically powered flying vehicle."

By 2005, tremendous steps forward had been taken by the emergence of renewed ET cooperation in the introduction of new technologies (or hitherto secret ones).

Contact was made with the crews of the shuttles designated to make the first public landings in North America from a mother ship. They will be bringing scientists and technicians with them, to meet those who have expressed an interest in making use of advanced technologies. This will be the start of a new industrial revolution.

Apart from the cleanup of Mother Earth, specific interest was shown in building space-craft (see similar to these shuttles for transporting relief supplies and services to under-developed countries, to relieve famine and poverty. Once this has been done attention would be turned to transporting people and replacing commercial jet aircraft, especially jumbo-jets. This would collapse the airline industry and create an entirely new industry as mentioned in the article on ETs.

Stage Three of "First Contact" will be about nine months after the first landings, when the benevolent extra-terrestrial forces surrounding the planet will come down openly - and be accepted by all nations - in order to introduce us to new technologies that will greatly benefit both mankind and the planet. It will be the most advanced "Industrial Revolution" that the Earth has seen in recorded history. Much of our history has been destroyed or covered up so that we have no appreciation for the technologies from back in Atlantean times.

And a confirmatory quote from the captain of the spaceship covering North America:
"There have been some rational attempts made and achieved for the replacement of fossil fuels by the use of tide power, wind power, and solar energy. We applaud these changes, however, it is much more important to use some of the new technology that we shall bring to Earth to be able to tap into the non-polluting use of the vast energy of space. Space everywhere, on the ground, in the air, under the water, or in space away from Earth. This is the source of energy that we have used for hundreds of your years. It is the use of this space energy that will be made available for use in many parts of the Earth. That is our assignment and that is the goal that we shall achieve."
.......... Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 29th March 2006

It is going to be an entirely different world - without global or industrial cartels.


Our current communication systems, regardless of how 'hi-tech' they are said to be, are still primitive. It has been said that the Internet system - one of the most educational and informative tools of the current age - will be no longer required, as mankind will have more advanced means of communicating. I think it will be around for a while yet nevertheless. When we really understand how to harness light and sound waves, computers will no longer be necessary. Those who have taught the Illuminati in the past the 'secrets' of higher technology will now teach us to put this knowledge to better use. It will probably be a few years yet before we reach this stage - closer to 2012, or later.

Inter-galactic communication will captivate the attention of Earth-dwellers for some time to come.

By early 2005 it had been reported that 'Faster-Than-Light' communication devices had been produced for communications with extra-terrestrial sources. It was also stated that telepathy (see would become widespread, not just for ET-communications but for communication between humans as a whole ..... a very interesting scenario, as then no thought could be kept secret!

[See also the section entitled Transportation]

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