"The Sequence of Events"
"Winds of Change"
"Who is Responsible for the World Food Shortage"
"Health Dangers in the 21st Century"
The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue
The Afghanistan War & Opium
"The Spiritual Watering Hole"
Humanitarian & Environmental Projects
Official ET Landings ("First Contact")
The New Mission of Sananda (Esu Immanuel)
"After NESARA - What Then?"
Index to the above article: -
1. Cost of Living - Changing Values
2. Business
3. The Church and the Second Coming
4. Common Law and Future Justice
5. Communications
6. Construction techniques
7. Education
8. Meeting with ETs
9. Government: no more Politicians
10. Health
11. Science
12. Sports
13. Technology in General
14. War and Weapons of War
15. Transportation
16. Weather
17. The Freedom of the Press
18. The World after NESARA
19. The Coming of the GOLDEN AGE
"The Holy Land of Scotland" - Barry Dunford, 2002
"The Akashic Records and the Repository of Thoth" Rev Maia Nartoomid -

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