"What is Lightbody" Archangel Ariel, thru Tashira Tachi-ren
Finding Joy - Simple Secrets to a Happy Life (video)
"Health Dangers in the 21st Century"
Treason in America: The 9-11 Documentation
Structured Water (commercial)
The Energy Non-Crisis
Lindsey Williams - the video
Lindsey Williams - the book
Other books and videos by Lindsey Williams
and "The Syndrome of Control" video -
Space Weather
Alternative Living info, including Cold Fusion (Wayne Green)
"Visitor from the Hollow Earth"
"The Hollow Earth" - - (Members only)


a. Emerging Energies Marketing Firm - Hal Fox
b. Tesla's 1930 Pierce Arrow
c. Tesla Biography
d. Joseph Newman
e. T.Townsend Brown
f. The Soundwave Stove - Cooks and cools food
g. Cold Fusion
h. Tom Bearden -
The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)
i. Viktor Schauberger -
Disc Aircraft of the Third Reich
j. The Perendev Electric Motor
k. Run your car on Water
l. Free Electricity Generator (ITEC)
m. Borderland Research
n. The Dodeca energy unit (not yet released)

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