To defeat inflation, prices are to be reduced 90% after the announcement of NESARA.

After another 30 days, wages and salaries will likewise be reduced. This gives employees a month with the advantage of money being worth ten times as much as it was, or extremely low prices, before a balance is again struck.

From an earlier 'Dove' report: "When NESARA is announced, the fact that the new U.S. Treasury currency is backed by precious metals will have an impact on international trade. Companies in other countries which sell products to the U.S. will need to adjust their billing records for the products that have been sold to be distributed through U.S. locations. After NESARA's announcement the U.S. economy will be based on the new U.S. Treasury currency". This statement might be questionable today.

The stock markets will close as there will be no more shares. No more gambling! Did you think they actually served a useful purpose?

The flood of workshops and seminars, from people like Donald Trump downwards, teaching people how to invest will collapse overnight. "One in every 125 Americans is a millionaire and the greatest percentage of their wealth is in the stock market!" I read from an advertisement which arrived in the post today. One is invited to "Create profit potential no matter which way a stock's price moves - up, down or sideways". Bad News!! Their typical, tantalizing quotes are dated 2006! .... where have they been? and where will they be next week/month/year???).

Commodities will still exist but under new conditions. Many of the fundamental economic principles of our world economy will change after officials of these major banking and currency systems announce that they are backed by precious metals. Therefore considerable re-education will be required and broadcast by television and radio and covered in newspapers which will inform us of new economic principles based on the fact that major banking systems and currencies are backed by precious metals.

Greenspan (in his day) compiled 30 hours of video-taped education which will be broadcast to help the public understand our world's new economic principles, and this has been updated since his time in office.

In these ways, NESARA's announcement starts a ripple effect around the world. It's important that these other countries announce their improved banking and currency systems very soon after NESARA's announcement as part of keeping the world economy stable.

Most people do not realise how much their world has been controlled by a select group - who have now lost their power. This means that to maintain your health (see the web page you will no longer be required to take only pharmaceutical drugs, but you - as well as hospitals and clinics - will be able to use much less expensive - and more effective - natural remedies.

Free energy will replace 'natural resources' such as petroleum products, and the technology that has been suppressed for decades will spawn immense opportunities for factories producing all kinds of engines using cosmic energy (no more gas tanks). And such industries will require the distribution and ancillary services required by all industries.

Will it happen overnight? Yes, indeed - more or less - after 'stasis' all fossil-fuelled vehicles will be unable to run and replacement will be a matter of extreme urgency. Those in a position to do so should start planning production NOW! Funds will be made available through a variety of sources.

The source of funding will eventually be those banks designated as 'saintly banks'.

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