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There have been many messages from authoritative sources, both on this Earth plane and from the higher planes, on what lies ahead for mankind.

Some have been conflicting, some appear to be conflicting, some tinged by the beliefs or interpretation of the Messenger, and some just fancies of the imagination - someone trying to stay in the limelight. Very hard for the average reader to fathom what is really Truth.

One does not give out vital information to the enemy! - so there were often times when information was just unavailable. Messengers then had either to keep quiet or come up with their own interpretations, according to the need of the ego ..... or messages came through without any real meat to them. How to say nothing is an art.

The only constant is change, it is said. This has proven very true in this project called 'NESARA' as the plans and announcement timing have been changed repeatedly.

This has been most frustrating for those who have already received information - correct at the time received - then altered as conditions change, but as this is the most important event in the history of mankind (eclipsing even the one of 2,000 years ago) it has to be done with the utmost care and consideration, and as of this moment of writing, that time has not yet arrived. Aton is the decision-maker and he has not as yet made the decision.

In fact the information contained herein is principally from those in charge of the operation - St Germain, Founder of NESARA and in charge of monetary matters; Aton, Creator of the universe Nebadon, to which planet Earth belongs; Esu Immanuel, or Sananda, who goes by many names and titles; Commander Soltec, the physicist; and Captain Helena of the starship Capricorn, which covers North America. We are in constant touch with all of them.

We were told: "Our goal is a smooth transition to the new economy and the new government, partly for its own sake but immediately to deal with the coming geophysical events" and "It is not for us to flex our muscles and use force, but we do have the means to repel every weapon that your world can use against us ..... "

Times will be different. In fact we will be taking a quantum leap into a brave, new world. There will be a complete restructuring of society, and especially the business world. There will be those who cannot or will not accept the new conditions on the planet and form a separate society, but it will be short-lived. For the others, this is the beginning of the Golden Age. A time of Peace, not War: when the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb .....

This unique compilation is aimed at covering all the changes to lifestyles that this earth-shaking announcement will initiate and to correct the many misinterpretations of what is to come. Having been born and bred in the Church, I know that this will not be accepted gladly in many quarters, but it is for the ongoing benefit of all of mankind, and is in accordance with Divine Will.

How to survive in a nutshell: use commonsense, avoid negative emotions, remain calm.

This document provides essential education for all entering this new paradigm: both for the Lightworker, who should already be aware of these developments, and the 'man in the street', who has had no inkling of what is to come.

May LOVE and WISDOM radiate across the world ........

Progredere in luce .....
Portrait by local artist 1998 in Odessa, Ukraine
Portrait by local artist
in Odessa, Ukraine, 1998
Dr Milson Macleod



College Principal

Paradigm Pioneer

Photo taken at business conference in Toronto prior to retirement
Toronto Business Conference,
prior to retirement

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