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11 AM: on a Monday Morning

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thought we should get the day off to a good start, so I have invited you here today to give you an opportunity to ask questions - if you have any - about the report issued last weekend and related information on the many changes to government that are taking place here in Canada, and how we have changed to 'Enlightened Stewardship' , which will revitalize Canada and benefit all Canadians.

We have inherited a real disaster, so bear with us as we sort through the morasse and bring stability and order to our beloved country once more. Corruption and blackmail have been of epidemic proportions for a century or two in all areas of life upon this planet so correcting the imbalances can hardly be expected overnight. We are doing our best however to get there as quickly as humanly possible, with as little hardship as possible. Fortunately we have help from Higher Spheres and this will certainly speed things up. This is an area that many still have to come to grips with.

Canada, like many other countries, is also going through a spiritual rebirth. For many this may be uncomfortable - too uncomfortable to bear - and many therefore may not make it. That is up to them. Some of the population may be properly labeled "less evolved humans". Looking at past activities worldwide you can see how easily this label can be affixed to so many .....

The immediate future may hold some discomfort and chaos: I ask you all to remain calm and confident, as this will get us faster to the new Canada that beckons. If you do not understand the term "spiritual breath", make yourself familiar with it, as this is what will take one through times of stress and strain with a minimum of discomfort.

You may never have heard of this term, spiritual breath, but to show you how important it is, in China it has been long forbidden! Only recently have medical doctors there persuaded the government that it helps women during childbirth ..... so that is now an exception to the rule! If government forbids something, you can be pretty sure that it must be good for you! - at least, that has been a good rule of thumb until now.

There is so much information to take in - and most of it is at odds with what we have been taught or believed in from our very birth - no wonder people are incensed, and 'seek blood' ..... such radical changes are uncomfortable, and many can expected to rebel, despite the fact that it is for their own good - although the benefits will not all be obvious overnight.

A new frame of mind is required to fathom the changes and their beneficial effects upon the world - and they are ALL beneficial, although many may fail to understand that, at least in the beginning. We will undoubtedly have a few that may never understand, but they will not last long physically in this new environment.

One has to realise what freedom implies - responsibility. There are some who might try to take undue advantage of these freedoms initially, but they will be put in their place. In this new era, there will be no preferential treatment given to whether one is man or woman, no difference made between one country and another, or between one race and another.

This means that there will be freedom of movement - no passports, no visas, no customs duties, no entry restrictions, no shipping embargos. And with an abundance of wealth worldwide it will be easier to see why these previous restrictions are no longer appropriate.

There have been three major impediments to freedom in Canada, and in removing these we enjoy not only tremendous savings in the cost of government, but a reduction of stress in our lives. These are:
(a) The Queen,
(b) The Crown (these two are not identical!) and
(c) Politicians
- and everything related thereto ..... they all now belong to a bygone era. The Commonwealth will be replaced by friendship between all nations, and other similar groups will disappear likewise.

Canada is an independent, sovereign nation and the external controls which have been placed upon us in the past are now gone.

To help control us the Illuminati had enlisted the help of those from other worlds, such as Orion, and the Annunaki, who had much more advanced technologies than we had, at the same time denying that other civilizations out there did exist. Incidentally, the Annunaki changed sides when they realised how their technologies were being abused. Negative entities have been removed and are now banned from our planet by the Galactic Federation, and the friendly representatives from other worlds have now come to our aid, but we first had to get across to humanity that these Beings actually exist, as so many controlling forces denied their existence, or painted them as evil, thanks principally to the Church.

Some things will be easier to understand than others - at least at first. The elimination of income tax for one thing, and many other such taxes. No level of government will have the need to levy a tax as it will receive from the nation's Central Bank all its financial requirements. Property tax and provincial or state taxes are gone. Think for a moment how that affects your financial environment.

Those in need will receive an allowance which will bring them above the poverty line.

We have entered a time when there will be no secrets: everything will be known. It will be a tough time for the criminal element, or what is left of it. For this reason also one must view matters in a different light. What was necessary in the past may no longer be necessary in the future. Police forces for example will return to protecting and guiding the public, not controlling them. Military forces will no longer be required for wars, as none will be arranged (they were always arranged - by those who owned the munitions factories and the factories for military equipment).

The revelations concerning the true course of history will be devastating to many and will be hard to believe. This will cover not only the history of recent times (AD) but back to the very beginning of our planet. History has always been written by the conquerors - it may take some time for the reality of history to be rewritten and made available to all.

I invite you to watch the World carefully from now on and observe the massive changes that are taking place - in the long run, for the betterment of all. Prepare to realise that it will be beyond your comprehension, Just accept it and enjoy the benefits it brings.

As a member of the media you have been limited until now in what you could report and how you could report it, and have therefore contributed, willingly or unwillingly, to the 'dumbing down' of all nations. It is up to you now to make up for these shortcomings and to report publicly any attempt to suppress information to the public. As You now have the upper hand: make good, constructive use of it. Encourage others to do likewise - some may still need some support.

In all things now you have freedom, but freedom brings also responsibility, and the requirement that you harm no other by your thoughts, words or deeds. Think on these things.

We are in what some call "The Great Awakening" a time of full accountability, a time when before long Peace and Harmony shall finally reign upon the Earth ..... This new Golden Age we are entering is to be a time of wonder and magic beyond your comprehension.

Before questions start, let me summarize many of the changes taking place right now, all beneficial to the sovereign citizens of Canada.

Part of the program to right wrongs is being delivered through a series of Humanitarian and Environmental Projects, financed through various philanthropic sources and you are all invited to take part in these, in one way or another. Many are posted on the internet, but ensure there is a proper Business Plan in place for any project you wish to help - either by participation, full-time or part-time, or financial help. These are not directly financed by government.

Incidentally, it is thanks to the Internet that information has been made available to an immense audience, which has helped hasten the downfall of what has been called "The Dark Side". Of course, they tried to tell you that information on the internet was false as it had not gone through proper checks and balances: what they meant was, they themselves could not censor the news that was getting out! The internet has established a strong hold as the public's principal source of news, and newspapers will have to take a good look at their future role.

The media is getting used to telling the Truth rather than the whitewash and fear-mongering it has been serving out to Canadians all these years. We may see some newspapers close down, as cooperation takes the place of competition in our daily life. We have entered an era when the truth of any event will be fully known and not subject to falsification or cover-up. You have been warned!

It will probably take the Church a little longer as their doctrines have been so deeply engrained at all levels, and in particular they are in general NOT looking forward to the Second Coming, which they have 'warned us about' for so long. There will be Messiahs coming back from all major religions to correct current dogmas, so expect religious confusion for a while and maybe some unrest from that quarter.


The fraud of Income Tax will undoubtedly bring much disbelief at first, followed by anger and resentment. All those unjustly imprisoned or relieved of their assets will be released and compensated.

There never was any restriction to wealth, but an elite group managed to create an implement to represent wealth - money - which they created ad lib on their computers. We are now dealing with the Redistribution of the World's Wealth, and that takes many forms. The new currency is backed by precious metals, therefore it DOES represent value.

Bank loans have been reduced to zero. Generous benefit payments are being made to ensure that no-one is in lack. Although many industries will fold, more industries will rise up to replace them, so unemployment should not be a factor before long.


News that pharmaceutical drugs were not designed as remedies for disease but rather to intensify illness, backed by injections that never worked except to hasten death, and that so-called 'charitable' organisations were nothing more than an extra "tax" which had little to do with research but rather lining the pockets of the shareholders of the pharmaceutical industry, who were by chance also the international bankers or "Illuminati" as so many called them, should shock most people to the core. Yet we must learn to control our anger, as such negative emotions have a deleterious effect on the physical body - and we have had enough of that already.

It will be a shock to learn that the major shareholders in the pharmaceutical industry are also the main shareholders in the street drug industry .....

Free health-care will be introduced immediately, and by health we do not mean "medical", although the words have deliberately been used interchangeably to deceive you. It will be natural products, without injurious side-effects which will be automatically accepted as standard treatment of illness, and all pharmaceutical drugs will be banned until they have been independently proven to be useful, without negative side-effects. Medical doctors are now freed from the tyranny of the pharmaceutical industry and can truly obey the Hippocratic Oath.

Health-care coverage will include modalities practised by the so-called Alternative Health industry. In fact they will be the mainstream of healthcare as 'preventive medicine' becomes the first line of defence.

Charges for all services and products will be monitored and must be justified. The cost of hospital equipment in particular will be examined and should be reduced to a fraction of what has been charged until now. This will have a positive effect on hospital budgets and funds will be provided as necessary to bring conditions in hospitals and care centres up to an acceptable level.

Time off work to recover effectively from illness will be decided by health industry practitioners rather than employers.

Health and Medical Insurance Plans will become redundant, except for visitors to the country as residents will all qualify for necessary treatment.


We have a long way to go. How can we expect students to respect teachers who for the most part have not been adequately educated themselves? Those worthy of being called teachers have either been educated outside Canada or have been to a great extent self-taught. If they were educated in private schools, they stand a better chance of having been adequately educated than those brought up in the public school system, which has been a system designed to dumb down the population. The education system will be overhauled and will be cost-free up to and including tertiary level.


Although one has talked glibly about "Freedom of Speech" in recent years, there was no 'walking the talk' apparent. You yourselves will be well aware of this, but now you have an opportunity to improve your image in the eye of the public, as it will not be permissable to demand of a news reporter that his or her report abide by 'company guidelines' in all matters of reporting in a way that disguises the Truth. I will expect from every reporter and editor from now on that only the Truth will find its way into the pages of the national and local press, and all other media outlets. Anyone now who suppresses such information will be doing a disservice to their country and place their newspaper, radio or TV station in danger of being de-licensed.

You have full freedom to express your own opinions, within the laws of decency, libel and slander, and anyone who is dismissed or threatened with dismissal because of that should bring the incident to light, and have it remedied publicly.


Immigrants have sought out Canada as a second homeland in order to escape inhumanity, suppression or maybe just to better themselves career-wise.

We have accepted them, and they are required to accept us in return. Those whose academic qualifications have been ignored or downgraded in the past will be compensated and granted recognition.


As Prime Minister, a high priority is consideration of those suitable for appointment to the Cabinet, and I welcome suggestions from the public on this critical matter. Appointments will be pro-tem until such time as the individual feels comfortable and competent in the post, and the Prime Minster is satisfied that the individual is the right person to lead in this area. These are salaried positions which may be advertised nationally in order to obtain maximum input from the people of Canada.

No magic, no sleight-of-hand, what you see is what you get. We are human after all - at least most of us are!

Now, do you have any questions? ..........

drafted by Dr Milson Macleod

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