It was intended that within about a month of the announcement, there would be a reduction of 90% across the board in the prices for ALL goods and services, to counter inflation and bring us back to the pricing of the 'fifties. All 180 countries involved have already made arrangements to implement that change industry-wide. Prices will then be tied to the price of gold. St Germain has since said that there may be some delay. The current estimate is about nine months after the NESARA announcement as there is so much paperwork involved, and a lot of staff involved in financial matters will have disappeared during stasis!

The equivalent reduction in salaries will not take place until 30 days after the re-pricing of goods and services, so that will give employees one month of bonus spending power.

Remember that cash (in hand or at the bank) is NOT devalued. That means that if you have $50,000 right now and wish to buy a new home costing $250,000 the new price of the home would be just $25,000 - so instead of making a down-payment you could purchase it outright and still have $25,000 left over, as the value of money held right now is NOT devalued. There would also be NO tax on the purchase.

The same would apply to a new motor vehicle. A top of the line vehicle might cost $50,000 right now, but only $5,000 after re-pricing, leaving one enough left over to enjoy life in that paid-in-full vehicle.

The merchant however might think, that is just not feasible - I cannot afford to sell a vehicle for $5,000 when I paid (the wholesale equivalent of) $50,000 to put it into my showroom! Yes, you can: the merchant will not lose anything: whether your product is motor vehicles or groceries, at the time of re-pricing you take inventory at the current price, deduct the inventory value at the new price, then the difference (which would appear to be a loss) is claimed back through Treasury as a refund - this is the understood process, as no information has as yet been made public.

Just 3% of the world's population currently control 95% of the world's wealth, but NESARA will be a great leveller - "the meek shall inherit the Earth" - it will benefit the average person most of all: wealth will be much more evenly distributed - are you ready for such responsibility? With 'stasis' seeing the elimination of 30% of the world population, the assets of the Dark will also be available for re-distribution.

There will probably be local centres setup for the judicious redistribution of these assets - real estate, automobiles, yachts, recreational vehicles, even art and other collections. No information is currently available on the establishment of "Asset Redistribution Centres".

It may take a decade for complete elimination of poverty and hunger and for a while only spacecraft will be available for the transportation and disbursement of food and other material to places where it is needed. Plans are already in place to take care of this.

Tremendous wealth will also be created through the "Prosperity Programs" (Omega, Destiny, Freedom etc) as billions of dollars are distributed to individuals on 'gifting lists'. In many cases this will create a personal security problem, as news of the sudden prosperity of one's neighbour leaks out. One of the many suggestions as to how to handle this is quite simply MOVE - get out of the neighborhood and start your life afresh somewhere else. Keep the information to yourself if possible, away from relatives - unless you relish them laying siege to your door ..... No vehicles will run for a while however, so invest in a bicycle or horse and cart!

This sudden wealth will have a significant beneficial effect on the world economy: people have more money to spend, and spend they will, particularly on high-priced items.

Having riches beyond compare does not necessarily mean having an easy life: it takes much thought, discipline and responsibility of action. Some opponents of NESARA protested that it would give people too much money to spend and create irresponsibility. Responsibility, or irresponsibility, already exists - it will not be created by NESARA. It will be a continuation of tests for mankind, but in a different vein. It is immeasurably better than servitude, which has been the fate of too many for too long. Acquiring great riches must be one of the most exacting tests we can undergo - bring it on! Are you ready??

Canadians saw a dollar on par again recently with the U.S. dollar. There is no sensible reason for the difference, which was manipulated in order to provide cheaper natural resources for U.S. based and Illuminati-controlled firms. Do you remember when in 1971 the Canadian dollar was actually worth $1.05 US? The fact that it is backed by precious metals will also increase the value of the dollar, which right now is a worthless piece of paper, printed ad lib by the (operators/directors of) the Central Banks. Canadians probably do not know that all directors of the Bank of Canada are U.S. bankers? - there is NO Canadian control. The situation is similar in other countries, although there are now two factions of the Illuminati - those in Europe and those in North America.

Many people, employees in such organisations as C.R.A. (in Canada), the I.R.S. or Inland Revenue, will find that their jobs no longer exist or their income is decreased by the announcement of NESARA. ALL who can show that their income was reduced by NESARA may apply for generous financial allotments which will carry them through until they have new income sources. There will be plenty of new jobs in new industries.

But the delay in implementation has reduced some of the benefits. Getting prices back to the level of the 'fifties is now highly unlikely. Manufacturers in most fields, knowing about the impending re-pricing, have significantly increased their retail prices time and time again. As much as 50-100% or more in some cases. Food prices have also soared.

And in Britain, for example, a townhouse which sold for £4,200 in 1964 sold for £6,200 in 1969; for £12,000 in the mid-'70s, and now sells for over £100,000 .....(taking my own original home as a good example) so in many cases it will be merely significant relief rather than the original idea, but it will still be most welcome.

It will be a time for the upgrading of homes for most citizens, and for many also a real opportunity to enjoy a home for the first time in their lives.

The 'owning' of any asset however will be called into question. Who really owns land? and therefore who can 'sell' the land? All land transactions worldwide have been technically fraudulent, which might cause real problems in understanding. What one has to realize is that one can be a "steward of the land", if one has the ability to look after it, but only 'improvements' (buildings etc) can be actually 'sold.' More lessons to learn!

In addition, many assets previously held by the Illuminati will be redistributed, which will greatly reduce the cost of operation for many voluntary or 'non-profit' organisations. Even Queen Elizabeth was recently reported as expressing the desire to give away some of her many residences in Britain for non-profit use. I'm sure she is privy to what is coming up, and her own resultant problems ..... The times they are a-changing.

Living in Vancouver, BC
Living in Vancouver, BC
Living in Bacharach on the Rhine
Living in Bacharach on the Rhine

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