What is the role of the Lightworker in all of this and how will 'stasis' affect Lightworkers in general? All Lightworkers have a goal to achieve but do not measure your value against others, as all contribute to the whole and each one of you is unique. For one thing, you are part of the planetary transition team and a Temple of the Light. You came into this lifetime to contribute to the upliftment of Humanity. Ensure that you are able to continue with your task of bringing more souls to the point of awakening to their true selves: tell everyone who will listen: "The planet is going to the Light: come with us!"

Have you noticed how the prophecies of old have not been fulfilled? The biblical prophecies as well as those from Nostradamus, and more recently Edgar Cayce, have rarely come to fruition of late. Not that they are 'failed' prophecies, but there was a change in plans which radically changed the direction of planet Earth, so our future also changed.

Back in 1987 there was 'Harmonic Convergence' which started it all off. The Celestials who had been observing us had reluctantly given up on the survival of our planet, but then began an unexpected rush of people turning towards the Light, which took them by surprise. The sudden increase in Light from Our Green Emerald, as planet Earth is known in this universe, (there was also a publication of that name in the late '80s which ran aground after threats from the R.C.M.P......) was noticed by those on a myriad of planets and we soon became the centre of attention: planet Earth is now a popular destination and we are surrounded by countless starcraft from 'abroad'. Excitement runs high on our continued development and we are about to take a tremendous leap forward. Soon they will join us to further that development.

Although NESARA starts off in the United States (commonly called "America"), CANADA will play a major role from the very beginning. This country has been well-known worldwide for diplomatic ventures, although our 'leaders' have often taken us down some routes that did not altogether please us. They were acting under orders of course ..... orders that come from abroad .....

The first official, public landings of spacecraft and extra-terrestrial visitors in North America will take place at the same hour in one US location (Salt Lake City, Utah) and one Canadian location (Vancouver, British Columbia). For fuller information see the web pages starting with They will not land before the existing order to the US Airforce to shoot down "UFOs" is rescinded. NESARA takes care of that.

This first visit - FIRST CONTACT - is principally for the benefit of the media and government officials, lasting not more than thirty minutes, but Lightworkers and others can make arrangements to be there for the second visit, a few weeks later. About nine months later the public as a whole should be ready to accept landings from the Celestials without fear or foreboding, so about that time we can expect mass landings of our extra-terrestrial friends worldwide. They will help us improve our technology in many fields. Many are actually here already, working incognito to assist us in many ways.

There will also be an INTERNATIONAL RETREAT FOR LIGHTWORKERS, established in Vancouver, Canada, as specifically requested by Sananda and St Germain, and that has been in the planning stage for several years now, just awaiting the go-ahead.

Vancouver is a place of very high positive energy, and although there will be some physical devastation in the near future, partly through seismic shocks and partly by tsunamis, the area has been under increased protection these last few years, according to Commander Soltec, the physicist, and will blossom in the Golden Age. Although on the Pacific Ocean, it is protected by islands lying in the path of future tsunamis.

Dolphin statue in Downtown Vancouver

Statue of Dolphins in Downtown Vancouver

The city will also be the headquarters for the many humanitarian and environmental projects that have been put forward for action once funding has been received post-NESARA. These are summarized on the internet at which then leads to the many individual Business Plans for these projects. This is where many Lightworkers will find an outlet for their skills and expertise, or life's purpose, as the requirement for staff will be varied and extensive.

Vancouver is already well-known internationally, having been chosen as the world's most habitable city on several occasions. Influenced by Chinese architectural philosophy, glass and water play a major part in the design of modern buildings, and with numerous parks, including the second largest metropolitan park in North America, Stanley Park, it really is a green city.

It is a major cruise-ship terminal and the second largest cargo port in North America.

Cruise-ship leaving Vancouver for Alaska

Cruise-ship leaving Vancouver for Alaska

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are scheduled to be held here and in neighbouring Whistler, and although there will be an economic bust again for a while, due to seismic disturbances, Vancouver will remain a world attraction in the years to come. It was hoped that the Centre would be fully functional by that time, but the long delays have raised some questions about that. It was also hoped that a tunnel could be melted through the rock directly from the Northshore through to Whistler, but again, time is beginning to run out. This would obviate the danger of using the existing coastal road (closed down for several days in July 2008 by a major landslide) for heavy traffic, or cutting a new road through virgin territory.

Canada has also been chosen as the location of the first of the new breed of banks. Detailed information on this subject will not be made public until after the announcement.

Because of the concentration of Lightworkers in Vancouver, now and in the future, there will be many important jobs awaiting Lightworkers when the NESARA announcement is made.

Those interested in taking part would be well advised to voice their interest as soon as possible on one of the NESARA INTERNATIONAL web sites where Business Plans are outlined. These include some of the most interesting and important jobs that will become available post-stasis, so expect some competition. But here is an excellent opportunity to choose an occupation which really makes your heart beat faster.

Write now with your interests, qualifications, experience and other personal details in confidence to

It is also recommended that, to keep in touch, you join the NESARA INTERNATIONAL Group - visit (This group actually started off as 'NESARA CANADA' but soon gained members from over 40 countries worldwide - including Iraq! So it was renamed, as it had many more members than any other NESARA website and was the most comprehensive source of information on NESARA).

Lightworkers in particular have gone through a time of extreme testing in recent years.

Time after time they have had their spirits lifted by the announcement of great financing plans for personal use as well as humanitarian ventures, which spurred them on to great activity in that area, only to have their hopes dashed as the plans failed to come to fruition, and the groups backing them faded away ..... some even landed in institutions, the stress had been so great. In most cases the plans were well founded, but it was not anticipated that the Illuminati would exercise a stranglehold on the transfer of funds internationally and effectively steal them time and time again. St Germain and his team were kept busy tracking them down and blocking their use.

However, it was more recently stated that funds would not be distributed until the announcement. Many chose to overlook that statement, especially those not acquainted with the Celestials. So we had the strange but true story of St Germain helping to BLOCK distribution attempts because the hour had not yet come ..... the Illuminati had to be removed first or the distribution would have been in vain.

The pathway can be steep and irregular .....
The pathway can be steep and irregular .....
The long delays and repeated failure of plans to come to fruition have taken their toll. It was said years ago that our prayers and petitions had been heard. "Enough is enough", now we will implement 'Divine Intervention' ..... the NESARA announcement can now go forward. Then later it changes to "action has to be taken first by American citizens to remove the fraudulently 'elected' regime legally before we (the Celestials) can come to assist". So much for the hoped for "Divine Intervention". Not good for the credibility of Lightworkers. The word "soon" has also been overworked and after years and years of (ab)use no longer carries any impact - at least not as far as Lightworkers are concerned.

Even the aspect of upgrading the physical body and enduring the vibrations that have been coming in to Earth of late, causing all kinds of bodily distress, have been hard to endure.

Most already entered the lower levels of the 4th dimension some years ago, and continue to develop spiritually. This does not necessarily mean they will ascend very soon, as many have 'been there already' - having come down from Higher Dimensions to take part in this rare and historic event. There are guides to understanding and dealing with these annoying physical conditions at the Spiritual Watering Hole which can be found on the internet at

For those of you who receive or listen to messages received from "The Masters", I will repeat an important section from the "Preface" here:-

"There have been many messages from authoritative sources, both on this Earth plane and from the higher planes, on what lies ahead for mankind.

Some have been conflicting, some appear to be conflicting, some tinged by the beliefs or interpretation of the Messenger, and some just fancies of the imagination - someone trying to stay in the limelight. Very hard for the average reader to fathom what is really Truth.

One does not give out vital information to the enemy! - so there were often times when information was just unavailable. Messengers then had either to keep quiet or come up with their own interpretations, according to the need of the ego ..... or messages came through without any real meat to them. How to say nothing is an art."

One particular message "The Big Let Go" from Lord Kuthumi will, in my opinion, be found most useful for Lightworkers - it can be found at - and deals with setting aside the pain of past loss and concentrating rather upon what the future offers.

One has to recognise the Truth from one's inner being. Even messengers who are normally very accurate in their transcription of messages can have an "off-day".

Telepaths have been advised to cross-check their messages with other telepaths before publishing them, as there is so much interference these days. The CIA for example are experts in this field and spend much time penetrating the minds of telepaths and other Lightworkers, pretending to be Celestial sources with which the telepath is familiar, and imparting messages. They have had great success in this. Other Dark entities do the same, and the preliminary precautions of 'clearing oneself' before receiving messages are often overlooked for one reason or another.

Some telepaths think nothing of circulating information which may be blatantly false. Misleading information about myself has often been published. It was stated in one instance that I was a "Mormon Banker"!! Well, I have never been a Mormon (my Church background is from the North of Scotland, where there were no Mormons ....), and I have never been a banker!! - my background was the military, government and non-profit organisations.

On other, repeated, occasions it was claimed that Aton, creator of our universe, inferred that I was "Casper" (whom I have never met, but he circulates almost daily messages on financial matters and the prosperity programs, which some people forward to me). Well, God does certainly know where his children are at all times, and he doesn't make mistakes, but I am sure Casper smiled when he read that .....

It can be tiresome, but there are times when the best option is to ignore the murmurings and get on with the job in hand. Even right now - before this information is released to anyone - there is a message about this CD stating publicly that "Milson's information is a year out of date" ..... Really?? even an accurate psychic would know that it is right up-to-date, if they could eavesdrop! I must be getting underneath someone's skin! A week after that misleading message was circulated the CD had still not been produced and no-one other than myself had access to the information on it!

Lightworkers have lost much credibility over the years - alienated from friends and family because they stick to what they believe. It is sad that some seem to enjoy attacking each other as well. But time will hopefully change all that before long .....

A close call on the River Rhine
A close call on the River Rhine .....
Lightworkers with significant tasks in this lifetime often have crisis points in life where they stop to consider whether it is really worthwhile after all to continue in this lifestream.

Often they have no idea that the crisis is related to their future task, as they have not yet come to realise the true purpose of their incarnation.

I can count three occasions in my own life when I asked to be taken up .... and that does not include this "close call" which I photographed in September 1998 after taking another important decision ......
Having lunch and a glass of Rheinwein in the restaurant of the antique steamer "Goethe", the continuous blaring of the ship's horn made us all realise something was seriously wrong. Taking my camera with me outside, I managed to snap a heavily laden cargo barge [appropriately named "Phantom"] coming downstream with about one metre of space between us as she passed ..... it was time for another glass of Rheinwein!

"You have the potential to be anything that you desire, and as you lift your vibrations your creative powers will increase incrementally. The difference from your present experiences will be that your power will come with each step you take along the Ascension path. Your intent and desires will be able to manifest in the Light, and be of the highest order. You will quickly reach a point where you will have again become Beings of Light, fully connected with your Higher Selves, and the dark energies will no longer be able to touch you.

"You wonder what it will be like to move into the Light, and we will tell you that it will be unlike anything you have experienced so far. You shall feel fulfilled and complete, and aware of your immutable connection with All That Is. It will seem most natural, for indeed you are returning to a state of being that was yours before you willingly dropped into the lower vibrations. Some of you are already beginning to sense the changes within Self, and with it comes the ability to create space around you that becomes your safe haven from the lower energies. These cannot possibly affect you unless you allow them to intrude upon you, by linking your energies to them.

"Emotions are one of your strong characteristics, and your task is to manage them in a positive way. If you allow anger and other negative expressions, these will diminish the power of your Light. As you become more enlightened, you will find that even the slightest signs of negative feelings will be immediately noticeable. Quickly dismiss them and relax, and through your breathing restore balance and harmony. You will not take long to master these techniques, and will find that you can exercise complete control over yourself."
- Ela of Arcturus, through Mike Quinsey.

Remember too that a closed heart, like a tightened fist, can neither give nor receive. See all as equals, regardless of their temporary faults and see Love as the overriding emotion.

Photo: Kurt Jones 2003. Ever alert to unsuspected dangers
Photo: Kurt Jones 2003.
Ever alert to unsuspected dangers ..
"You have to remember that everything is comprised of energy, and every individual soul is feeling what is taking place. Some of you are confused and feel uneasy as a result of the way it is changing your level of consciousness, and resistance to it can result in adverse reactions. There is a point that will arrive when, if you have not been able to assimilate the new energies into Self, you will find it impossible to remain on Earth." - Ker-On, through Mike Quinsey, 9th September, 2008.

There are many important roles to be played on this planet in the future, and this does not imply that you remain because you have failed to 'graduate' and ascend, although much has been made of this process. The byword for the Golden Age will be cooperation rather than competition, so there will be little room for any ego manifestation, despite the fact that it may not be very evident at the moment.

'Those who have the most toys' will no longer be the acknowledgment of the most success in business, or in this lifetime. Hierarchical structures will be replaced by groups which will operate by consensus of opinion, rather than by the strict voting procedures to which we have become accustomed. Not all Lightworkers have as yet come to grips with this direction.

Helping others will be one of the roles of the Lightworker - helping others understand the implications of NESARA, both before and after stasis. Or helping alleviate poverty and sickness throughout the land, securing help for the homeless and distressed.

And of course there are many humanitarian and environmental projects that have been published and in which participation could fulfill one's life's purpose. Whatever makes one's heart sing!

The opportunities for further embroidering your tapestry of life are limitless. There will doubtless be many centres in various countries and cities: we just mention Vancouver because of its known future importance, from both a spiritual and a commercial viewpoint.

The INTERNATIONAL RETREAT FOR LIGHTWORKERS (which already exists as an hotel) will retain its existing Convention Centre, which will be intended principally, and probably exclusively in due course, for conferences and meetings of Lightworkers and Celestial Gatherings. There are plans for renovation and expansion.

The current spa will become a Healing Centre and be greatly expanded, so holistic workers will be invited to take part. The current area is expected to become a new tower, which will give additional space for practitioners from many different fields of healing. It includes an attractive swimming pool at the moment, which will be retained. This will be the model for the "Sananda Centres", which may operate under different names.

It is planned to have an extensive library as well as a printing house for spiritual works on the premises. There will be an audio-visual division which may expand to become a wholistic or spiritual radio and TV station.

The several restaurants would be redesigned during the reconstruction process, appropriately named, and become models for gourmet nutritional meals cooked with environmentally-friendly equipment.

You may of course have come here as a specialist in planetary ascension and your assigned location may be elsewhere. We will still be a place where you can come and rest by the ocean, partly surrounded by mountains, a comfortable climate with greenery to your heart's delight. We look forward to welcoming you.

Be of good cheer: before long peace and harmony will abound everywhere and only the Truth will exist.

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