It had been hinted at before, but it was President Abraham Lincoln who came out publicly on 15th December 2005 in a telepathic message and stated clearly how law courts of the future would be run.

There would be NO LAWYERS! Well, think of the effect on the State of California, where it is claimed that 10% of its citizens are lawyers or attorneys!

It is goodbye to corrupt judges and lawyers - and few will be sorry to see them go. In their place will be TEN JUST MEN in every community, elected by the residents of that community, who will hear complaints and pass judgment. 'Men' of course does not imply male only. The word comes from 'human' which does not indicate sex.

This fits in well with the return to Common Law. Of course it does not mean that those currently practising law or administering justice cannot become one of these selected TEN. There are many admirable and ethical judges and lawyers, but too often they have been squeezed out of practice by less honourable gentlemen.

These new courts will be kept busy for a long time .....

But one more thing should be said before we get to Abraham Lincoln's unexpected speech. With the return to common or constitutional law, all statute laws will be revoked.

Gradually there will be an increase in telepathic ability. Eventually there will be nothing that can be hidden, and lawlessness will cease altogether. Sounds Utopian, but it will arrive sooner than most people think. Not necessarily overnight, but in time for many to think things over and adjust their attitudes.

Telepathy is perhaps best explained by considering the ability of an animal to sense fear in man, even when nothing is said and no actions are taken. Or when you meet someone for the first time, and for no apparent reason you either like them, or dislike them intensely. We call it a sixth sense, but in reality it is telepathy: thought transfer between individuals. Some are born with this ability, others must learn it and it is now being taught widely - see as an example (there are other sources also).

See the telepathic message from Abe Lincoln in the Appendix.

Extracts from April 25, 2003 'Dove' Report on Common Law:

"When NESARA is announced, every court will be immediately closed and all judges will be required to attend training in Constitutional Law. All law enforcement personnel and others connected with law enforcement will also be required to attend Constitutional Law training. The basics of Constitutional Law are things all of us should be able to understand fairly easily and there will be public education provided to us in the media and other ways ..... The restoration of Constitutional Law also requires that all judges, law enforcement, and others MUST attend educational seminars and learn about Constitutional Law. All courts will be closed for at least one month while these Constitutional Law seminars are being conducted. "

Much of this learning has already been completed.

If you are interested in studying the various laws created throughout recent history, there are two websites which have copies of every important document, from Hammurabi's Code of Laws, the Magna Carta and other foreign or international documents to the original US Constitution.

These are: -

The Corporation Sole - The History of Laws,, and

NESARA INTERNATIONAL - Law and Government -

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