Looking Back at the 2003 Message

In July 2008 St Germain was asked whether he might comment on his message from a few years earlier.

Rae Ramsey (telepath) asked: Would you care to comment on this article, and perhaps update it?

St Germain - I would be delighted to bring this forward - a rare occasion, and thank you (Milson) for the opportunity.

Milson's preamble and afterword are especially pertinent - 'forward looks' are seen from that particular point in time; and our eagerness awaits the considered decisions of Aton.

In the years since this was written in 2003, much progress has been made. All of the technologies referred to do exist, as yet almost entirely sequestered by the self-appointed rulers of this planet. This will change, is changing. You, Rae, have noticed ads in the popular media for water-power conversions for automobiles (though not the most workable units - Rae). There has been dissemination of knowledge of things to do and things to avoid in the areas of farming, food, diet, medical treatment. Almost all of these are presented by individuals, doing their own research and experiments and publicising the results of their observations. This path of individual integrity of thought and action, and responsible group application, IS the New Age.

What do I see now? My depiction of life on Earth as I stated it then, is still some years away. New Orleans, as a state of mind as well as a functioning city, no longer exists. But there will be other places of celebration, and certainly situations to celebrate.

The slowly increasing, though still largely subconscious awareness of kinship with animals and plants, as well as the whole planet, will bloom as events on a planetary scale are seen through mass media. Even the discussion, misinformation and argument on 'global warming', fear-mongering notwithstanding, suggests that there IS something there to look at.

It is unfortunate that the groups devoted to planetary destruction or slavery did not leave the stage gracefully when asked to do so, in 2005. The last years before ascension could have been smoother. Now the bumps have begun. We will not, and indeed cannot, 'fix it for you'. This is your planet, you must do what you can - we are advisors and helpers, though very determined advisors and helpers. The more the people of Earth act as people and not as sheeple, the smoother and more successful the transitions will be.

When the people of Earth are free to create their tomorrows according to their cheerful natures, the planet will bloom very quickly. There is much bubbling quietly (and occasionally not so quietly!) on the internet; many, many individuals and companies as well with new ideas, and old ideas not yet applied, in energy, health, government, scientific and spiritual knowledge. These will race around the planet. It will be a confusing time; not because of the efforts of the Illuminati to sow lies and division, but because of the many choices to be made among positive possibilities.

In general, what I stated in 2003 will dawn, after much work, and imperceptibly, till we all look back and see how far we have come and how well we have done. The celebrations and good times will be in earnest then; you will have earned them.

Thank you for this, St. Germain
Rae Ramsey

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