Did you know that the world food market has been controlled by just 11 corporations? See EIR (Executive Intelligence Review) Special Report of 1995 12 08 by Marcia Merry Baker entitled "Who is Responsible for the World Food Shortage" available on the internet at

Few farmers remember the methods of old which required no pesticides and no herbicides. They were banned by Illuminati interests. But they will soon be back with a vengeance, depending on how quickly the information spreads.

Sheep may safely graze; Photo source unknown
"Sheep may safely graze ....."

One method is described in the project "Feed My Sheep" and consists of an underground aerial system which requires no upkeep after installation and no subsequent attention other than a dusting of local rock-dust once every seven years. It was introduced to orchards in California back in the '50s. The main expense turned out to be 2x4s to prop up the heavily laden branches. (see

The crop is increased five to ten-fold, the produce is 100% organic, of very high nutritional value, and is unaffected by frost. Normally citrus fruits become just organic waste when frozen, but under this system the fruit defrosts without any damage whatsoever. What else can one ask for?

However ..... this did not please everybody. You may know now that the Illuminati control every activity involved in the production of food - the banks, the agri-chemical industry, the farm machinery industry (and today even the seeds). The farmers were told that if they did not purchase their quota of agri-chemicals (herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers) the banks would foreclose on their loans - and they would lose their land, their machinery and everything else they owned. There was no option but to return to 'controlled' farming. That will not be the case after the announcement. We can expect (before long) food of a much higher nutritional value and at a lesser cost.

There are many other complementary systems which aid crop production and this market will explode after farmers realize that these dictatorial controls are gone. The land however is in bad shape from over-fertilization and the tilth of the soil has been badly affected, so urgent help is needed to overcome this pollution of the soil. That has been promised by the Celestials. Whether it will have been completed by the time the announcement is made is still unknown.

Getting food to the table however will remain a problem. With transportation temporarily disabled, only spacecraft will be able to transport goods from point A to B. And in the fields we may be back to oxen and horses until conversion units are made available for tractors and other farm implements.

Winter Apples in Edmonton, Alberta

Vineyards on the Rhine
The marketing of food will undergo great improvement, with Truth in Advertising being especially important in the labeling of food content - no more 'nature identical' ingredients - state what chemicals they are! No more 'spices' - state what the so-called 'spices' are (they all have names); no more MSG, a known carcinogenic substance; no more FDA colours - we don't need our food in 'Kodachrome' and children are more intelligent these days, they do not need multi-coloured 'foods' (known to cause temper tantrums in children); no more substitutes for sugar - they are all much worse than sugar itself; and no more GMF - genetically modified foods, crops or seeds.

None of these bring any benefit to the public nor increase in nutritional value, but they all contribute overall to the World Depopulation Plan mentioned earlier.

Many brands of "water" are actually straight from the municipal tap, perhaps with a secondary filtering, but certainly not "spring water" as advertised and at least one manufacturer has been required by a court of law recently to change their advertising.

I once visited a plant producing "distilled water" and found water lines going straight from the municipal supply into the awaiting jars: their truck driver quite bluntly stated that they just filled up with tap water if their supply was running out .... I complained to the Better Business Bureau (usually a fruitless option) and they queried whether there was any difference at all between "distilled water" and "municipal water", so what did it matter?

However I was aware that they supplied "distilled water" to a local hospital. I informed the hospital of my findings and they changed to producing their own distilled water on site .....

And should we maybe mention drugged coffee beans, which make coffee drinkers addicted to that brand of coffee .....? Think that one over. Unethical marketing practices.

Comprehensive ionformation on food additives can be read at the Mission St Michael website -

Homegrown tomatoes, even in winter
Homegrown - even in winter .....
An end to genetically modified seeds

Tommy (T.C.) Douglas was former Premier of the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada, was highly revered as "The Father of Medicare" and in 2004 was voted the Greatest Canadian by the people of Canada in a national phone and e-mail contest, which attracted 1.2 million votes. He passed over in 1986.

More recently he has passed messages to Canadian telepaths and on 14th May, 2009 turned his attention to farming. The message follows:

Let us Salute the FARMERS

14th May, 2009

through Zilanthrah

Greetings to the citizens of this magnificent country of Canada. Greetings to the citizens of this magnificent planet.

There is much that I wish to comment on, however today I wish to comment on the state of farming, not only in this country, but worldwide. Those who feed the world do not receive the gratitude, the recognition or the compensation that they deserve. They have been controlled for so long by the powers that be. They work tirelessly, long into the night on many occasions. Their worth is not determined by leaders of countries or the citizens and this is controlled for a reason. They deserve compensation for the important work that they do. We see this is changing in the new era of consciousness. These ones will become truly the stewards of the land. For they farm because they love the land. They are grateful to be where they are. To rip away those who have chosen to become farmers from their land and their livelihood is criminal and all in the name of big business taking over.

The love and compassion and the good hearts of the farmers is infused into their growing of grains and their raising of animals. When big business takes over, that is all that it is, is business. There is no blood, sweat and tears in corporations. There is no gratitude to and for the land! There is no concern about polluting the soil and the water, never mind the plants and the animals that are being raised and the consumer. The treatment of the animals is criminal. Animals have hearts and emotions and to see them raised and slaughtered in heartless ways is also criminal. Think of the sacrifice they have endured to be part of the system that is in place.

How hard it must be for the farmer who loves the land to have to resort to using chemicals so that they can make enough money to support their families and keep the farm going! Farmers would rather not resort to this. They do not want to poison the land or the food, but it is the only way that they can make it nowadays to keep the family farm. It is the corporations who indiscriminately use chemicals and hormones and a host of other poisons to make money. They break the rules and regulations on a daily basis and are allowed by leaders without a conscience to get away with it. Of course, they are in cahoots. What a shame! And to think that there are people in this day and age who do not have any food for their family on a daily basis is mind boggling. This is a horror and it must end! This wasteful world must change! More of you must step up to the plate and voice your concerns. This is something that you do not hear from your leaders, when was the last time that you heard one of your leaders expounding on changing things for the good of their citizens? They are rare and they would be extremely wise to begin speaking from their hearts on these important subjects no matter what the consequences!

The slave labor utilized in many countries is atrocious. These ones have families to support and in many cases, the family all work in the vegetable fields. They are aware that their loved ones are being harmed by the various pesticides, lives are threatened by their livelihood, yet they continue, for they must eat too. The treatment of these ones is considered as modern slavery. This must change!

We see future farming as totally different. When one grows or raises a specific crop or animal, whether it is beef, pork or poultry, it will be a small operation. It will be just the right amount to accommodate the land, the water and the air. There will be no toxins as a result of farming. It will all be ecologically sound. Waste products will fertilize the land naturally. There will be no chemicals used anywhere. The food and the meat will be pure and healthy. The animals will be raised with respect and this love and respect will be infused into their bodies. And into the grains, vegetables and fruits. All consumers will ingest the highest vibrational foods. There will be trading amongst growers. Each who chooses what to specialize in will be an expert in their field. There will be a turn to grow ancient foods and indigenous plants and animals with plenty of space to roam and be happy. And there will be no middle man.

We see that there are some good farming techniques here and there, Cuba is a good example. They have learned to utilize small tracts of land and grow organically Not only is this a good example of growing plants for consumption; there are other areas worldwide that are to be commended and followed, such as wind and solar power. Utilizing sustainable resources is what it is all about, as you are aware. Many have discovered ways to make just about every facet of life on planet Earth work and it is time to look to these examples and follow them. Of course, you have those who would not allow this to happen, but the time is coming when it will have to happen, as there soon might be no other choices. Some of these areas include how to purify recycled water and recycled waste. When you get rid of your trash, do the right thing with it. It appears that there are mostly simple solutions to unsolvable problems. Is not the simplest way usually the best? Come together and stand together to make these changes. Beginning in your own home is the best way to start.

It is a shame that children are not educated in the field of farming plants and animals. If all peoples could observe the tragedies involved, they would soon demand that things change. There are some who are petitioning for change and we commend these ones who understand that these are also sentient beings, as humans are. It has started already and numbers will grow eventually. This is something that your leaders require to understand and acknowledge that there are many citizens who do not agree with how the farming industry is treated. The rules forced upon farmers in these times is atrocious and is only designed for more manipulation of the markets. The majority of the population do not realize that the farmers are under constant financial struggle and receive only a pittance for their time and efforts. If everyone knew that the farmer receives a few cents from every loaf of bread, they might begin to wonder what on Earth is going on. How many citizens know that the farmer breaks even financially annually and in a lot of cases, loses financially. The cost of operating a farm has skyrocketed to unacceptable and unbelievable costs. This is all part of the plan to keep them head down and worried about how they will make it for another year. And they are at the mercy of the weather. No wonder many of them are so saddened by their plight.

Wouldn't it be something for every family to have a chicken or a pig or a cow for a pet! Or for children to experience these animals in school! Think of the changes that might occur for these people and for these animals. It would determine how the system can be changed to make raising animals for consumption a whole new bag.

Yet the farmer perseveres and there are not many of them left considering how many there were years ago. Imagine how heart breaking it must be for folks to be driven from the land when it has been the family tradition for generations. This really does break people's hearts. When they are forced to leave, where do they go? What becomes of them? Does anyone know?

T.C.Douglas The pride of working the soil is an ingrained attribute for those who love their work. I raise my hat and salute those who are the farmers of this great land and of the world. I ask that you do the same.

I am Tommy C Douglas

[Implementation of N.E.S.A.RA. resolves this problem but it may take some years to take effect worldwide. Let us give it all the support we can - Milson]

See also the Message on Farming the Land by Archangel Michael

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