The Guide to "STASIS"

The authoritative source on the implementation of "STASIS"
the NESARA announcement on TV and Radio
and its subsequent, permanent and beneficial effect upon mankind
through the restructuring of society and business worldwide

Editor's Introduction:

With all the disinformation, or conflicting information, circulating on the internet these days regarding various future events called "STASIS", "The NESARA Announcement", the New Banking System and Prosperity Funds ..... I felt it time to clear the air and create a Reference Guide containing all the authoritative information from those who are actually in charge of these operations - rather than the opinions expressed by individuals, who may have their own agenda - or an overly-developed EGO seeking the limelight .....

So I sifted through the knowledge obtained over the years, not all of which had been made public, and put it together into one document - actually a collection of over 50 documents - on the far-reaching impact of such events on the various sectors of society and business. It was put on a CD under the title "POST-STASIS TIMES", which was well illustrated with over 100 photographs plus graphics. Now (August 2010) it has been put on the internet for free distribution.

You are invited to study the contents (shown below) to appreciate the research that has gone into this unique document. Expect to be both surprised and shocked by much of what it contains, regardless of how much you thought you already knew.

It also seems timely now to release some of the inside information previously withheld as this may help to accelerate the demise of those known as the Illuminati, and hasten our entry into a new, peaceful environment which has been variously termed the New Age, the Golden Age, A New Dispensation - or just the 21st Century,

READ AND DIGEST!    All is for the betterment of mankind - which does not necessarily mean that it will be enjoyed or gladly accepted by all!

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Progredere in luce,

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*** 1st August, 2010 ***