A future unit of ENERGY

"We are a conglomerate of Celestial Beings who are descending upon Earth with our wisdom and knowledge. We invite all telepaths to partake of that knowledge and share it."

The Dodeca unit is designed to replace the electron, static unit, and proton. It will not replace the photon because the photon is an expression, not a particle of energy.

A great deal of time was spent in creating this particular form of energy, so that it would be suitable for Earth in its first stages of Ascension. Just as Metatron designed the electron for the first new Earth, the Heavenly Engineers of Light have designed this unique unit of energy for the New Millennium.

This is the dodecahedral form that Pythagoras said belongs in heaven. This has now come to Earth, and from now on, there will be a new energy. This will be the "12-Composite Energy". The 12-Composite Energy is unique. It has not been on Earth before. This energy is like spurs on a saddle - it integrates, it begins, it conforms, it informs. There will be so much to learn about this energy that it will take a hundred years (to fully understand). This is because the new energy has just come to Earth in the last few days. (May 2008)

This is the energy of Creativity. This is the energy of Balance. A Dodeca unit requires no other adjunct [something added on as extra] in order to perform. It is complete within itself. Its 12 units work in harmony, one with the other.

This energy form is more crystalline than the carbon atom. The carbon atom is heavy; the Dodeca unit is light. In fact it IS light.

If you look at the surface of a lake on a sunny day, you may observe the sparkles of sunlight reflected on the water. The sparkle of Dodecas is similar.

The Dodeca will form beads, strings, and molecules. It will remain attached to particles of mass. It can be transported in vials or capsules. It can be ejected from a vial in a thin stream, and this stream will be a source of power. Many will inquire about how to create this "free energy". Many researchers are well on their way, and when they realize that they are not searching for a unit of electricity, but are creating a new form of power, their path will be lightened.

This unit has a positive north pole attraction capacity and a negative south pole attraction capacity. This is what allows the chains to form.

This energy can be found in water. After stasis there will be Dodeca water. At the present there is Icosahedron type water.

The Dodeca unit is the particulate of the Central Sun, and it is coming to earth unadulterated. It will soon replace the system of the sun emitting protons and electrons. Instead, the sun will emit Dodecas.

Its most exciting aspect, so far as mankind is aware today,
is its ability to produce useable energy.

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