"D" DAY or


Sunrise over the Standing Stones of Callinish, Lewis, Scotland, May 1994
A New Day arises ........

Something worthwhile is worth waiting for .....

The sequence of events has always been subject to change, depending upon the progress of several different options. Initially there was no mention of stasis, but the introduction of stasis certainly simplifies post-announcement plans. (see

"Soon you will be hearing or reading of many predictions for the coming year, and change will be top of the list. The outcome is sometimes seen through the eyes of those with their own expectations, so naturally there will be many interpretations as to what it means. It is as well to note the more recent ones as prophecies from much older periods no longer hold good. Those couched in doom and gloom, were from a period when Man was heading for oblivion and appropriate for that time. Now however, the growth in Light has put you beyond the scale of death and destruction associated with some of the old prophecies. First and foremost, there will not be another World War although the dark has tried to ferment unrest through what you call "false flag" events. Next year is going to be one where your leaders will be called into question, as to their ability or suitability to lead you into the Light. The old corrupt ways that have become accepted must be removed, and open dealings seen to take place that serve the people." .................... SaLuSa, through Mike Quinsey, 10th December 2008

All the major US TV stations and many radio stations will be taken over for the announcement and the information flow will continue for two weeks. TV and radio throughout the world will follow suit. They will have no option: freedom of speech has now taken over the airwaves, and those who censored the news are gone.

Many of the original announcement team have passed on since the original planned announcement date of 11th September, 2001 at 10 a.m. ("9-11" ..... ever wondered what the real cause of that event was? remember what happened that day at 9 A.M.??), and names of the individuals replacing them have not been made public for security reasons. They will however include leading TV personalities, past and present; Captain Helena of the spaceship "Capricorn" (which is responsible for the North American region), St Germain (founder of NESARA) and other Celestial Beings.

Beams of Light over the Twin Towers
(NY Times photo)
Did this New York Times photo capture the power of healing music and prayers?

The following is the expected immediate consequence of the NESARA announcement:
  1. resignation or removal of the current, unconstitutional government will be announced and past government misdemeanors will be detailed, making way for a temporary new government of volunteers and Celestials which is now waiting in the wings and who will be publicly introduced. There will be no 'election' until the country is reorganised and running smoothly. All elections since the '30s have been fraudulent; for many years now computer programs have rigged the votes throughout North America (and probably elsewhere). I myself was involved in Election administration with a major Canadian municipal government many years ago and recognised what was going on - I was quickly removed from that responsibility ......
  2. revelations as to how the people have been misled and enslaved for generations, including keeping secret our governments' relationships with extra-terrestrials, and how technology received from them was used AGAINST us rather than for the benefit of mankind, in order to maintain a world in slavery;
  3. redistribution of the world's wealth has probably already started by this time on a small scale through "Prosperity Funds" but the floodgates will now open; if natural disasters have taken place during stasis, funds will be made available for relief and reconstruction; the mass Financial Meltdown will undergo correction with the introduction of a new banking and monetary system;
  4. fraudulent and predatory organisations are disbanded - all "income tax" collecting agencies, pseudo-protection agencies such as Homeland Security, FEMA, NSA, CIA, FBI - and their 'laws' and regulations become invalid; information collecting agencies and the collection of such data are now banned;
  5. Common Law or Constitutional Law is reinstated; all statute laws are invalidated, regardless of the government level which created them; judges have already been instructed in Common Law, and all existing trials, if valid, will have to be adjourned sine die and conducted afresh under Common Law and Trial by Jury, which will then be referred to as "Ten Just Men" (see section entitled "Truth", being a telling message from Abraham Lincoln); those imprisoned unjustly will be released, and doubtless be well compensated for such treatment; those who were unjustly bankrupted will likewise have these records expunged and be compensated for their loss and the inconvenience caused;
  6. bank fraud: credit card balances are zeroed out, regardless of the status of the cardholder; bank loans including mortgages are put on hold for citizens of the issuing country, who must make application to have them zeroed out - Treasury Branch will make forms available for this purpose;
  7. new currency based on precious-metals is issued (it is already at the banks) replacing worthless FRNs (money produced mainly on Illuminati computers) on a 1:1 basis - except for those who have come by their fortunes unethically ..... their fortunes will be lost and be ineligible for exchange. All major currencies will be placed on a par with each other - the dollar, the pound, the euro ....
  8. all military forces are recalled to home base and disbanded, except for some special purpose units. Peace breaks out worldwide - over time: the Opium (#3) and Oil wars are ended. Medical treatment and financial assistance will be provided for all 'veterans' as well as retraining for employment in the new industries;
    Something to celebrate
    Something to celebrate .....
  9. preparations will be made for the introduction of free borders and unrestricted travel worldwide; but many 'illegal' immigrants will return to their 'home' countries as NESARA benefits will be available worldwide before long.
A downtown Canadian city proclaims that 9-11 was an Inside Job
A downtown Canadian city proclaims that "9-11 Was an Inside Job" .....

The United States now has the immense problem of rebuilding its reputation worldwide, which has been rubbed in the dust by the actions of the Illuminati, which they failed to keep under control. An arduous task indeed.

Although there will be some troublous times ahead, it is preparing the way for a more relaxed and satisfying experience on this planet we call Earth. Patience will be a virtue. Admittedly it will take some time to get used to the absence of stress in our daily lives, which we have had imposed upon us for so long, and which we have come to accept as the norm, but this is the Golden Age and all - in time - has changed for the better.

Relaxation by English Bay, Vancouver, Canada

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