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The Church itself will be shaken to its very core - and by "Church" understand ALL religions, not just Christianity.

NO "Armageddon" - a favourite topic from the pulpit: it has been cancelled. It was indeed on the agenda at one time, but not any more, and members of the Church show their lack of connection to "God" by not having received that important message.

But before long we shall have the Second Coming - it should have been back in 2005, but the Dark Side was able to postpone its arrival with an unexpected show of strength and subtlety. The Second Coming is something that has been traditionally preached from the pulpit of most churches - but which the preachers themselves probably hope never occurs in their own lifetime! They would have much preferred 'Armageddon'.

The 2,000 years are up. There are two matters often overlooked in church circles - that the Man of Galilee said that He would return; and that he would have a new name when He returned. His new name is 'Sananda' but he will answer to any appellation used. It is always the thought that is heard.

2,000 years ago he had a fore-runner whose name was John the Baptist. This time there will also be a fore-runner - but another shock is in store for the male ego: this is the Age of Femininity, and his forerunner this time will be female! She is already making preparations for His return. This will be a body blow to those churches who have kept women downtrodden for so long. Time for a fresh outlook on life!

How many people know about the 12 female apostles? - under Mother Mary, one of which was Mary Magdalene, and why is such information hidden?

So what strikes such fear into the heart of the Church? Should they not be rejoicing? If they are NOT rejoicing, then surely something must be seriously wrong? Perhaps they have hidden some Truths from us, and fear that these will now be disclosed?

The Church will probably put up the strongest fight against these revelations. The popular self-deprecating statements such as "I'm just a sinner saved by grace" will be difficult for them to give up, and they may constitute the gravest danger to 'law and order' after the announcement, especially to anyone who espouses a 'New Age.'

The Church has often willingly sided with the New World Order (Illuminati) rather than with the people it is supposed to educate. See for instance the article in the Appendix entitled Feds Train Clergy to "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law.

Each religion has its own 'Messiah' but only Esu Immanuel (under his new name 'Sananda') will return in the physical. Mohammed and Buddha have said that they will be represented only by their 'Messengers'. Two for each, I believe.

'Zion' means 'America' (specifically 'Mormon America'), so he will come first to the North American continent, to the land of the Mormons, then he will travel on to Jerusalem, to help iron out the differences between Arab and Jew. If the Mormon Church rejects Him however, he will go elsewhere, but they will be given the right of 'first refusal'.

'The New Jerusalem' is actually the name of a starship, more commonly known as The Capricorn, and he will arrive in this particular 'cloud' (actually a shuttle from this mother ship) - they did not have words for spacecraft in these days (or if they did, the translators of sacred texts deliberately changed the wording, which they often did with great effect).

One of the messages to the Church will be that they should work together, as we are all ONE ... and there are some Truths that have been overlooked (even suppressed). Those churches which do not comply will wither away and disappear from the scene. The major bombshell will be that the whole history of the Church has been distorted. Note that Nostradamus stated that:

"wise people from western and eastern tradition will meet at common ground to help develop philosophies that will progress towards world peace."

Most of the other prophecies of old, biblical or otherwise, no longer apply as the path taken by planet Earth and its inhabitants has drastically changed with the unexpectedly great increase in spiritual understanding, especially in the last few years.

To quote from a 2005 message from Sananda: "There is new religious information that very few churches are teaching. Essentially the most important new religious concept is that I am not the only person to be resurrected. All of you have had and will continue to have new life experiences. These sequences of lives will provide the growth to your spirits that is essential for your progression into the realms of deity that are meant for you. That will be the type of message that should be taught by all of my church leaders. Those who refuse to accept and teach this new doctrine will not be supported by my spirit. Instead of church leaders who can grow and develop, they will be merely club leaders with no religious authority."

The 'new' doctrines to be followed are not actually 'new' - they have just been conveniently hidden under the table as unsuitable for an organisation which has traditionally sought to control the people. The most important being that of 'reincarnation.' Recent telepathic messages on this subject can be seen on the website Second Coming ( where they were posted regularly until it became clear that there was going to be a delay in celebrating this event.

The other important change is that 'leaders of the flock' - ministers, chaplains, priests or whatever their title may be - should be able to communicate telepathically in order to receive ongoing messages and instructions from the Higher Spheres - or at least one member of the congregation should be. He has therefore instructed that a Course in Spiritual Telepathy be organised for this purpose and this has now been made available: see "Telepathy - The Language of the Spheres" at on the internet.

Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City
Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City

Theological Colleges are not prepared for this sudden revelation about their doctrines being imperfect, so where do clergy go for "upgrading" of their imperfect knowledge? One college was established some years back in preparation for the Second Coming and this new knowledge and requirements, so they offer an on-line degree course in Divinity/Spirituality to enable clerics and others obtain a doctorate degree based on the true doctrines of His Church, without spending another three to five years physically at a place of higher learning. This can be found at the Akkadian College of Divinity web site (

The fact that the history of religion and "the Church" has been distorted so that the Illuminati could better exercise control over the people worldwide will not go down well with churchgoers. People do not accept radical change too well as it destroys their belief system, which they cherish so dearly. So there is a strong likelihood that they will choose to "shoot the messenger" rather than accept the fact that they have been fooled. A dangerous situation. Stay off the streets for a while could be good advice.

Russian Orthodox Church at the port of Odessa, Ukraine
Russian Orthodox Church at the port of Odessa, Ukraine

But the history of religion has been well recorded. Much of it regrettably has been either burned or relegated to the Vatican cellars.

Cherished stories from the bible will fall apart like an ill-prepared alibi ..... "You have lived with Gods who have been attributed with Man's image, and have fought to establish one over the other. That will change very soon, as it will be seen that orthodox religion cannot exist alongside the Truth." - St Germain.

There will be new opportunities for lyricists. The hymns, even those most favoured, are based on misunderstood or mis-taught principles and events, so there will be many that will be found inappropriate and in need of serious revision. Who will come forward to re-write these songs, popular and not so popular? Lyricists urgently wanted!

One common fault with 'music' today is that there is some misunderstanding about what the word means. If you listen to today's songs, there is not much to the words, if you can decipher them, but NOISE is the principal component. This also applies to 'church' music, especially that presented by TV evangelists or TV show hosts: "making a joyful noise" does not mean the louder the better ..... nor should noise be the principal component. Music should be healing - it is often used for this purpose - but the music heard in many spiritual assemblies today is far removed from what might be termed 'healing vibrations'.

We have lots to learn ..... and do not forget to read the History of the very Early Church on the next page .....!

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful." - Seneca the Younger (ca. 4BC - 65 AD) Roman Philosopher, Statesman, Dramatist and Humorist.

Eibingen Abbey
Abbey of St Hildegard of Bingen at Eibingen, surrounded by the traditional vineyards .....

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