The Structure of Business

All businesses must be restructured without shares. A Board of Directors will guide (not control) each business, with all reports published (on the internet) so no action can be hidden. It will be easier therefore to hold the people who make decisions for corporations accountable for their actions. Large conglomerates will be made into more easily managed units, as one business will no longer be able to 'own' another.

Businesses will operate from a service charter rather than a business charter to produce goods or provide services. There will be no requirement to obtain permission from 'royalty' (government) to operate a business. Non-profit corporations as such will disappear - they exist only for tax purposes, and government control, neither of which will continue. Requirements will be more like a certificate stating the purpose, the social and financial responsibilities through a guiding (not controlling) body. There will be no 'charities' as such, for the same reason. Corporations will have a number of months to make the changes required. Within 120 days of the announcement all companies must be restructured and no company may issue shares.

Existing shares will be recalled and become worthless ninety days after the return to Common Law so they should be cashed in as early as possible. Small holdings will be redeemable by the Treasury.

There will be public education about the changes required and how the changes are to be made.

Investments in the future will not be made to maximize profits or rewards but rather to improve humanity's lot and the ecology of the planet. Profiteering is out, but profits may still be made and re-invested. The reputation of a business in the eyes of the public will become most important, and the ROI to shareholders will no longer exist as a topic of conversation.

All business taxes will be eliminated other than the new general sales tax - which will go to government for the first time! - and which will apply only to non-essential goods and services, reducing time spent on this operation.

Many employees will have to give consideration to moving to a new field in industry.

Operating a Business in the Golden Age
  1. Rethink the true purpose of business - and how your business fits in.

  2. A business will be judged by the benefits it brings to mankind - not by the traditional ROI (Return on Investment).

  3. There are NO SHARES, but start-up capital will still be required for new businesses and expansion capital for some existing businesses. Such monies may be donated by philanthropists or received through humanitarian and environmental project funding, and eventually these latter projects will be funded through 'saintly banks' [these will not be fully explained until after the announcement]. These are not loans but outright gifts, although interest-free bank loans may also be available for a fee.

  4. The originator(s) of the business may be rewarded by open acknowledgment of the benefits which the business has brought to the public, and financially by salary and specific awards.

  5. Excess income over expenditure (profit) may be used to reduce prices (and in turn increase sales); expand the business; improve wages and salaries, or be donated for the public good.

  6. All activities (annual report, reports of directors, financial statements etc) will be published on the internet at a location still to be specified. There will be transparency in all things.

  7. One business cannot 'own' another business, so industries will be reorganised into fully accountable, independent operations.

  8. Many industrial companies will close their doors - making their facilities available for new industries. This closure may be enforced or voluntary. The absence of profit will dictate the future for many operations and provide an opening for many new ventures utilising new, environmentally-friendly technologies.

Unique 100kg Gold Coin exhibited in Vancouver Business Show for the first time in June 2007

The unique 100kg gold coin displayed publicly for the first time
at a Business Show in Vancouver, Canada, June 2007
Yes, of course, "The Mounties" were also there behind the curtains!

100kg Gold Coin exhibited in Vancouver Business Show, 2007
Display unit for the 100kg gold coin

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