NESARA will present the most dramatic change in business and manufacturing opportunities worldwide that the world has ever seen - with an even greater impact than the Industrial Revolution (late 18th century).

There will be many services and products for which there will no longer be any demand, causing initial unemployment, but this will be more than compensated for by the new opportunities presented and the increase in demand for existing environmentally-friendly products and services.

Humanitarian and environmental projects will constitute some of the greatest benefits that NESARA brings to this world (see

This new era will bring about much redeployment of labour forces. Some industries will close down and others will rise up, such as facilities for the construction of shuttlecraft (see "Revolution in the Air" on the internet at

This project involves the replacement of noisy, polluting commercial jet aircraft by silent, pollutant-free shuttlecraft ("flying saucers") accompanied by the creation of small spaceports replacing today's massive airports with their runways taking up miles of what could otherwise be fertile land. Present military forces will of course constitute one major recruiting source for such new industries, as well as existing airlines.

Scrap merchants will have a hey-day as the amount of scrap metal due to come on the market will be astronomical - not just from the military but from many other sectors as well.

Automotive manufacturers have already started on the introduction of electric vehicles, but due to the influence still of the petrochemical industry, these are mainly 'hybrid' vehicles. That will cease immediately as fossil-fuelled vehicles will fail to run. With the Illuminati shareholders gone, commonsense will rule the marketplace.

There must be an immediate upsurge of new manufacturers of conversion kits to eliminate fossil fuel usage. This will extend to almost all industries that use energy in one way or another, and of course the utilities will be affected almost immediately. No more nuclear power plants, no more coal-burning, polluting iron-horses, all consigned to museums (now there's a business that will be revitalised!). It opens up more opportunities than it eliminates through job losses in many soon-to-become-extinct industries.

So entrepreneurial engineers and researchers should already be focusing on replacement power plants for: And new industries will be replacing obsolescent factories to produce:

Will our Science Centres become museums?
Evening shot of the Vancouver BC Science Centre

The re-utilisation of manpower will be a major concern. But there will be jobs for all.

The military will be re-deployed. Part of the navy and air force will probably become an expanded air/sea rescue or coastguard operation. For some time to come there will still be a need for a wide range of private security services.

The elimination of war worldwide will have far-reaching effects. The purpose of the military - or that part which is not disbanded - will change. The munitions factories will close down or be converted to manufacturing products for more positive purposes.

These businesses were all holdings of the Illuminati, who have always organised war throughout the planet: if you owned munitions factories, how would YOU market your product? - maybe create wars and supply both sides? A great business! Factories which produced weapons of war or 'mass destruction' will either close down or take part in space program activities, as attention is paid more to intergalactic communications, travel and relationships, or to the manufacture of new propulsion systems for transportation.

In many fields there will be new opportunities. Even within religious/spiritual organizations. There is plenty of inspired music, but the words no longer fit with the revealed Truth, so there will be opportunities for lyricists to replace the lyrics with those that are more appropriate.

It will be a very busy time for all. In the interim however it might be an extremely busy time for bicycles, rickshaws and the horse-and-cart ..... !

Rickshaw in Calcutta, India, despite a ban in most locations
Rickshaw in Calcutta, India, despite a ban in most locations

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