The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - the Bank of England
The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - the Bank of England
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Much disinformation has been spread about banks as they flounder in debt. "Financial meltdown" is on everyone's lips. "Basel II" has been touted as the answer to banking problems, but it only deals superficially with transparency. And the new banking system talked about openly at the moment is NOT the post-NESARA banking system with a complete overhaul of banking, serving the public rather than the industrialists.

The current underlying problem is that money has no value: the banks admit that 95% of US currency was/is created on a computer (with the recent bank 'bail-outs' it is now probably very much greater than this - where did you think the money came from?). Funds are created on a computer (how much would you like - $100 million?) and more paper money is then printed to that amount, so we have a valueless currency in circulation (FRNs - Federal Reserve Notes). The Chairman of the Bank of Canada was asked a few years back what he thought the Canadian dollar was worth: his answer - "Whatever the Canadian people believe it to be." In other words, if you give someone a dollar and he/she firmly believes it is a dollar, then you get away with it.

As Prime Minister Putin of Russia angrily said recently (2008 09 22); "The whole world economy cannot depend on one money-printing machine".

As Lehman Brothers dies and Merrill Lynch is taken over by Bank of America, "We have developed a $70 billion pool of cash ...." (TV news item 2008 09 15). 'Developed' seems to mean 'created on a computer' - so the fraud continues. "This is the earthquake we all have been waiting for," said one Financial Analyst.

The day before, on 14th September at 2pm there was a rare event on Wall Street - the Stock Market actually opened on a Sunday! It was said that the special session was initiated by the Federal Reserve.

["There are 12 regional federal reserve banks in the United States that, along with the Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System helps formulate monetary policy, supervise and regulate banks and bank holding companies, and provide payment services to financial institutions and the federal government."]

The new currency is backed by precious metals, so it has real value. The Euro is already backed by precious metals. Enough precious metals is currently stored to back all requirements. It is not available to the international bankers .... St Germain has seen to that.

Although we have been misled into thinking that what we have in our wallet (or bank account) is real money, it can be exchanged on a 1:1 basis for the new currency. However, those who have gained their wealth by fraud or devious means will not be able to exchange their holdings, which will disappear from bank accounts. This is a major operation so we will have Celestial auditors supervising the exchange.

The banking system is a distinct part of the Divine Plan for Earth in this place and time as a social facilitation device, and will not be permitted to return to being a medium of control, according to St Germain, founder of NESARA.

As with business in general all banks must be restructured, without shares. They must also reapply for a banking licence and become Treasury Banks, or cease operations.

All monies required for general operations will then be provided by Treasury.

Certain banks will be chosen to become special purpose banks - generally one in each country, except for the largest countries, where more than one may operate. They will have an extra level of management - a Board of Governors, whose sole duty will be to oversee the distribution of funds for approved humanitarian and environmental projects.

The organisation of such banks, to be known as 'saintly banks', has been planned worldwide in great detail. The names of the chosen existing banks will be changed and both directors and governors have been short-listed, but not yet approached to serve.

Several years ago a confidential paper entitled The Future of Banking was circulated amongst those expected to be involved in the new banking environment post-NESARA. It was modified in May 2008 in readiness for publication upon the announcement of the NESARA provisions. It has now been made available in advance for this report and can be read at "The Future of Banking".

Financial planners and everyone else will have to forget most of what they now know in the field of finance. Economic policy as taught never worked as a hidden power was pulling the strings. Note also how depressions came at regular intervals - and as forecast by financial experts. The last one forecast was for 1987 - and it came within a hairsbreadth of happening (perhaps a Higher Force intervened?). At that time I was holding a symposium with a lecture by Lindsey Williams on what was to become 'Black Friday' - what a 'coincidence'!

How the world will change! ..... and for the better.

FOOTNOTE: - A glimpse at the history of banking, through William Bradley from page 229 of his book

"The Gods of Eden"

"The Bank of England has been labeled by some economists the "Mother of Central Banks." It became the model for all central banks which followed it, including the central banks of today. Under the Bank of England scheme, the central bank was to be the nation's primary bank, and it would lend exclusively to the national government. The central bank's entire purpose was to put the government into debt and to be the government's major creditor. The central bank's notes would be lent to the government and those notes would then circulate as a national currency. This would cause the nation and its people to rely on those notes as money. The establishment of the Bank of England caused Britain to go deeply into debt to a monetary elite (the "paper aristocracy") which could then influence the use of the nation's resources.

"This is the modus operandi of every central bank today. Like most modern central banks, the Bank of England was a privately-owned or privately-operated bank with quasi-governmental status. In accordance with Paterson's plan, the financiers who pooled their resources to create the Bank of England received approval from the government to issue gold and silver notes in a quantity many times exceeding the financiers' pooled holdings. The standard practice of bankers during that period was to issue notes four to five times in excess of their precious metals. The Bank of England, however, issued an incredible multiplication of 16 2/3. The British government agreed to borrow those notes and honor them as legal money for use in its purchases. The government accepted this plan because the government was not required to repay the initial loan, only the interest on the loan."

On a lighter note, you might like to view some films which contained at least furtive comments on money and banking:

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